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ladies honestly ok?

ladies if you are or were single and you follow nba basketball.which nba player or players do you find attractive?name the player or players from the nba youd go with.

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    A lot of NBA are attractive. As far as I'm concerned, here are the cuttest/hottest players currently in the league:

    -Carlos Arroyo

    -Andrea Bargnani

    -Earl Boykins

    -Kobe Bryant

    -Caron Butler

    -Antonio Daniels

    -Ricky Davis

    -Mike Dunleavy

    -Monta Ellis

    -Daniel Ewing

    -Jeff Foster

    -Kevin Garnett

    -Pau Gasol

    -Rudy Gay

    -Ben Gordon

    -Eddie House

    -Josh Howard

    -Andre Iguodala

    -Allen Iverson

    -Jason Kapono

    -Desmond Mason

    -Mike Miller

    -Rasho Nesterovic

    -Emeka Okafor

    -Chris Paul

    -JJ Redick

    -Jason Richardson

    -Luke Ridnour

    -Thabo Sefolosha

    -Bob Sura

    -Wally Szczerbiak

    -Kurt Thomas

    -Dwyane Wade

    -Chris Webber

    -Deron Williams

    -Jason Williams

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Once again, this is a question for the NBA fineness expert. 1st 4 in order.





    Jason Kidd


    Paul Pierce

    Caron Butler

    Gilbert Arenas

    Andre Igoudala


    Boris Diaw

    Tayshaun Prince(He's not really cute but I like him anyway)

    Vince Carter(It's kind of on and of w/ him now)

    Chris Webber(4 years ago)

    Carmelo(he gets on my nerves and kinda chunky but I'd still hit it)

    Eddie Jones

  • I find these guys very attractive:

    Chris Webber

    David Lee

    Tracy McGrady

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    OMG boris diaw nd shawn marion nd raja bell nd leandro barbosa they r all frm the phx suns!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Aren't u a dude? why the hell do you want to know who is attractive?

  • Anonymous
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    yao ming, kirk hinrich, steve nash, dirk nowitzki, brad miller, MANU GINOBILI, bob sura, peja stojakovic. definitely not kobe!

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