What is a DVD-R?

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    Hi Shy_one,

    The DVD-R (DVD dash R) is a recordable DVD in the dash format. Once recorded it can't be used again.

    There are two types of recordable DVDs - The DVD+R and DVD-R are competing formats much like the old VHS and Beta formats in video tapes. Today most drives are Hybrid and handle both formats. They are usually labeled DVD+/-R

    Because the DVD-R format has been in use since 1997, it has had a five-year lead on DVD+R. As such, older or cheaper DVD players (up to 2004 vintage) are more likely to favor the DVD-R standard exclusively, and when creating DVD’s for distribution (where the playing unit is unknown or older) the DVD-R format would normally be preferable.

    My personal experience has led me towards using the +R but I have no solid reason in favor of either.

    Rewritable DVDs are designated as DVD+R-RW and DVD-R-RW.


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    DVD-R is a recordable DVD format. It can record data only once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc. The disc cannot be recorded onto a second time. DVD-R format is supported by Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple Computer, Hitachi, NEC, Pioneer, Samsung and Sharp. This format is also supported by the DVD Forum.

    There is another format called DVD+R similar to DVD-R but supported by a different group of companies such as Philips, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Ricoh and Yamaha

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    dvd-r means a rewriteable dvd that you may put videos and move onto it but you have to have a dvd rom to go with iit and it has to ve dvd rewriteble

    hope thats helps

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    DVD - R is a recordable disc.

    You can record to it once.

    DVD - RW is a rewriteable disc.

    You can delete the information and record to it over and over again.

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    recordable dvd

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    this means you can put a dvd on it, but if want to change ityou can delete the old file and put a new one on.

    you cant do this on a non-rewritable.

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