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im am looking for a pistol which is small,short barreled,powerful,mag capacity more than 13(about 15 rounds).?

i really want a pistol chambered in 45 acp. or 40.S&W. i don't like a 9mm. i'm looking for a small and a short barrelled pistol,powerful,safe.

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    When you find a "small" pistol that holds 15 rounds of .45, I'd sure love to see it.

    Is this your first pistol?

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    I have a Glock Model 23 which is the compact version (they also make a subcompact which is even small, I think the model is 28 or 29?). This is a .40 caliber. I really like it because of its versatility. I bought an extra barrel in .357 Sig, which also fits the gun. I can use the same mags, springs, the came with the gun. All I need to so is swap barrels. I paid $479 for the gun and bought the barrel online for $99. It's like having 2 guns for $600. The mags hold 13 and I bought a mag extender online to make them hold 15.

    Some people swear by the XD, but the Glock was a similar price, so I went with it. I figure you can't go wrong with Glock which is used by most police.

    The Glock in .45 is too large for my hand. This might be a problem if you want so much capacity. This will require a double stacked mag, so the handle will be larger.

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    That's a tall order, small, short-barreled, powerful 13+ bullet capacity. The Beretta .380 with the double-stack magazine comes to mind, but .380acp is hardly considered 'powerful' in some circles. Browning also makes a copy of this model and with personal defense ammo you could do worse than a .380. The only other make that comes to mind is the Glock. A sub-compact Glock in your choice of calibers with the extended magazine. This, however, will be kind of bulky with a protruding magazine. I'm sure you'll work it out.

    Good luck.


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    yes there is a gun called Springfield XD .45 ACP . it is a very pwerful compact gun. it holds 11 rounds but if u get the clip extender it can hold 14 rounds of raw power..

    here is the link

    trust me u wont be dissappointed..

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    Definitely a Springfield XD .45, 13 rounds plus one in the chamber, fairly inexpensive and unbelievably reliable, look at this torture test. not to mention its more ergonomic than a glock of the same caliber.

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    45acp springfield xd45 compact. it has a 4" barrel, comes with two mags: the regular short mag holds 10 and the slightly extended mag holds 13. its a great gun too i might add.

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    a .45 acp compact would do, 45's are nice and ther guns are compact

  • 1 decade ago

    the 40 sw is a great round

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