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Another empty Bush promise. "Bush vows swift action in FBI records scandal", Same promise about V. Plame?????

Bush vows swift action in FBI records scandal

ANCHORENA PARK, Uruguay (Reuters) - President Bush pledged swift action on Saturday over findings that the FBI illegally or improperly obtained private records during terrorism and espionage investigations.

Bush, visiting Uruguay on a Latin American tour, insisted he had confidence in FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, despite a Justice Department report of FBI misconduct that has sparked a congressional outcry.

The report added fuel to the fire for the Democratic Party and others criticizing the Bush administration for weakening protections of civil liberties in its war on terrorism after the September 11 attacks on the United States in 2001.

The report by Inspector General Glenn Fine's office rebuked the FBI for demanding, without a court order, customer records from telephone companies, Internet service providers, banks and credit card firms.

No Cons R ever guilty.... huuu????

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    His "swift action" will be dragged out as long as possible and then will make sure that someone who agrees with his policies replaces anyone removed who also supports his policies.

    Unfortunately there is more to come. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg with the Bush bunch.

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    Richard Armitridge no longer works at the State Department

    Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has determined that Armitridge did not break the CIA Spy law, when he outed Plame.

    What more do you want Bush to do ?

    As to the FBI story, it was the Bush Justice Dept that investigated and uncovered the illegal acts by the FBI.

    And since when is the FBI either Republican or Democrat ?

    The same Justice Department investigator also determined that it was lower level FBI employees who had committed the acts.

    The Justice Department is currently determining if criminal charges should be filed.

    Again, what more do you want Bush to do ?

    As to the Patriot Act, I do seem to remember, that most Democrats voted for it as well, the Senate was Democrat controlled at the time the Patriot Act was passed.

    So it will be very hard for the Democrats to use the Patriot Act in the 2008 election.

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    Ask Scooter who's guilty, he won't admit that he is, and damn sure will not reveal who is, Cheney and Rove are knee deep in guilt. But will never be brought to justice. Same thing will happen here, Bush will play some lip service to it but no heads will roll in his inner circle, some poor sap FBI agent will take a fall for them. There is no end to the corruption that is known as the Bush administration.

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    i could have theory Richard Armitage could be in reformatory via now... inspite of each thing, he's the leaker. And the stupid element approximately it, Armitage became in a severe place in the government (quantity 2 guy in the U. S. State branch) yet curiously he in basic terms wanted Bob Novak to *comprehend* that he became significant. It wasn't sufficient to be between the precise US diplomats, he knew something that Novak did not comprehend, in a city that virtually runs on rumor. So he blabbed.

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    AND...America will turn into something 'good-to-eat' by the time Bush

    (1) tells the truth about anything, and

    (2) looks deeply and critically into his own administration!

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    Well, this wouldn't have happened had he not passed the Patriot Act in the first place. But, if he is really going to do something about it, I hope it's a good something and not blowing hot air because he wants to get his numbers up.

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    Like most politicians, this one inparticular, what he says is different then what he will do.

    He will ultimately do as little as possible for the betterment of this country, and as much as possible for his friends, his republicans and himself, not in that order mind you.

    The republican motto is as follows

    "make ourself richer, nomatter who has to die"

    "when in doubt, lie or just not recall it"

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    1 decade ago

    You will see swift Action...Government swiftness...

    I am of the opinion, that if you have nothing to hide, let them look and listen..My conversations would be really boring..Just as yours would be, unless, you do have something to hide...I guess, since Liberals are against National Security, they are the ones with a dark side

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    Since no one in the Valerie Plame case committed a crime, there was no swift action required.

    See, here's what you're missing:

    Lady Valerie worked at the WMD desk in Langley, VA. She outed herself every time she drove to work in broad daylight, parked her car and walked inside to her desk. (And all of those magazine spreads didn't help her, either.)

    The corruption among liberals is so extensive, that common sense often escapes them.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry, but you must have misunderstood him. I think he promised a swift BOAT response.

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