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Has anyone tried the Paul Mitchell hair straightener?

if so, where did you get it and how much was it. do you like it? is there something else you recommend?

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    yes, i have tried the PM strightener but i have never bought one. I don't recommend using one on yourself if you don't know what you're doing, they're so hot, they'll freakin burn your skin (yes my hair burned my skin). I love my chi, and i'm happy with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I assume you mean a chemical permanent straightener. Yes you can get it in a salon but it is only to be used by a stylist in a salon. There are similar products by other companies like Wella and Loreal too. DO NOT try it at home! I have seen more disasters caused by home hairdressing due to straightening than any other. If you ruin your hair from these chemicals the effect is irreversible! Think carefully about it because you will damage the hair greatly and unless you are willing and able to spend lots of money on treatments and professional shampoo's and masks don't go there.

    Look to having a relaxant done not an all out straightener as these are milder and cause less damage.

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    this is the best ever!! I used to be so in love with my chi and when I started working where I am now I borrowed my boss's PM iron and I never picked up my chi again. It is the best and hottest iron I love it! I got mine from work of course, and don't accept any imitations-paul mitchell is guaranteed only when sold by a professional

    Source(s): **rockin hairstylist**
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    I have the perfect solution for you if you want to have

    straight hair. I have had wavy hair all my life, and when it's

    damp or when it rains my hair just gets worse. I hate the

    curls. So I tried many products that claim to work, but none

    of them do, and they also cost alot. Going to any salon will

    not give you perfectly straight hair either.

    This is what I do. I go do the drugstore and pick up a perm.

    One that is light, not one for extra hold.

    I mix the solution as if I were going to perm my hair, but

    instead of perming it for waves or curles, I lean over the

    bathtub, or sink and I have my hair hanging down, and I put

    in the solution and I constantly comb my hair down for as

    long as it says to leave it on. After I rince my hair and put on

    the other solution and that keeps my hair straight as a board

    for almost a year. Just make sure to condition your hair

    always after. This will work, for sure and there's nothing to

    worry about. Also the cost is about $10.00.

    It's worked for me for years.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you get it at a professinal salon. it does not work at all for my curly hair but i have friends with straight hair that it works for

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