Do you think this would be an infringement upon rights, or a step in the right direction?

"One of India's top engineering schools has restricted Internet access in its hostels, saying addiction to surfing, gaming and blogging was affecting students' performance, making them reclusive and even suicidal.

Authorities at the elite Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai said students had stopped socializing and many were late for morning classes or slept through them.

"Now, a student doesn't even know who lives two doors away from him because he is so busy on the Internet," said Prakash Gopalan, dean of student affairs.

"The old hostel culture of camaraderie and socializing among students is gone. This is not healthy in our opinion."

People from my generation (mid 40s) have been commenting for quite some time now about the new generation of kids. Overweight, as they eat too much junk food, spend all their time on the compter and don't get out and actively play.

Is this as a proactive step to get the future back on track...or just infringement on rights?

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  • catty
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    1 decade ago
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    you know,...i am a student of high school and i KNOW what a stupid lure the net is!


    we have to have some rights infringed if it gets down to harming us day n night......i feel they should have restricted access...i myself have seen an unbearable change in my attiude since this idiot of a net has come in ....

    i try n try n try to stay away n i cant....its getting maddening...the students there,i am sure do realise what a peril they are in but cant do anything because the net desire burns too......

    i tell u,..the bets way out of this is ONLY COMPLETE COMPLETE closure of ALL access to broadband or we will FACE A DELIRIOUS RESULT.....

    WE are just like that.....

    i tell u wwhats so bad about the tv -we see what others want us to net we see what WE want and thats always not too nice....

    i tell u n tell u n keep on saying this although i am one of those 'lured' generations because i KNOW how destructive it is!

    if we are left on the net alone we will go to ANY limits ....its much much much better if we stay away and WE WONT U ALL who have to KEEP UR FOOT DOWN and be strict or WE WONT....

    i am PRAYING and saying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....that restrict the acess or they will fall...

    and this is a personal note to anyone who is a parent of teens 'PLEASE STOP THEIR NET ACCESS'

    i tell u ur children will be happy one day,and if they are sensible,not one day,but from that day itself, that u did it: or u must all endure worse days......

    here, u have got the word from all the big people i suppose,..telling u they are in their mid 30s and 40s and 50s...they dont get lured coz they have MADE THEIR LIVES....WE HAVENT and the world is new!....when we see that we can be invisible and do i read that stroy of science fiction---"invisible in london".....just like that u know we wud go to any heights being anonymous and invisible

    this puts the future of india in danger,...if talent gets spoiled ,if india loses its activeness, if india spoils her new generation who,tomorrow will build the new india,....then india's future is DOOMED......whats it for the US?.they are rich enough to support themselves and let then go down by giving their children no restrictions...but i tell u--if india has got to go anywhere uselful::::::we gotta stop it! our brains are a very precious tresure we have...lets save it for more important things.....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Me, from my generation, I'm in my mid-fifties and don't see the big deal on either side of the issue. Every generation says the same thing, kids today have it too easy. America is becoming a bit pudgy over the years, with that I agree. The relentless forward march of humanity, the never ending life cycle. We live and we learn, this generation shall take its place in due time, don't sweat the small stuff. I expect in another twenty years or so, I'll be seeing things I never imagined, at least I hope to see that happen.

  • Andy
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    1 decade ago

    This isn't an issue of rights or education, but of personal liberty. With freedom comes responsibility for exercising it as each individual sees best. Honestly, if their school is that depressing or oppressive (as evidenced by their very consideration of restricting access to the internet), then it is no wonder that the students are trying to mentally escape from it.

    If this school receives any funds or advantage of any kind whatsoever from government, then it is the responsibility of government to defend the liberties of the students. If living in the hostile is a requirement of the school, then it is the school's responsibility to defend the liberties of the students.

    If any person attempts to restrict the student's access to the internet (for whatever reason, it does not matter) then the students will do one of two things (compliance is not likely to be one them): They will either find similar entertainment elsewhere (electronic games or gaming centers such as Nintendo, etc.) or they will leave the hostiles. If those options are restricted the rebellion will be escalated step by step, until either the masters (those attempting to control) either give some breathing space and limit their control or the students either enter complete rebellion or surrender their claim to their own personal freedom (a very serious condition oftentimes leading to depression and other mental illnesses).

    BTW, if the older generation wants to minimize the value of the internet, because they never learned to appreciate it's value in my opinion, then I would ask them how they would feel if their access to written and audio/visual materials was limited. No more music, TV, comics, newspaper entertainment, videos, movies, theater, note writing (the old form of "internet chatting"), or any other form of entertainment would begin to register different opinions, especially if such restrictions were implemented now for more honest and realistic reactions. The internet is just a new form of entertainment subject to the same "conservative" worries and restrictions from those who lived in the generations before each form of entertainment came to be popular.

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on who is doing the infringing. If it's the school the students can look for another. If it's the goverment then yes it is infringeing.

    The school has policies and standards in thier charter which they have to uphold. If the students didn't want to change schools are change habits then it is up to them to change the school.

    As the article stated it is only in the hostels not everywhere so these students wil probably find another place.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    To step out in faith" is "waiting for Gods spectacular course...How will all of us be attentive to if this is the spectacular course except we step out in faith. we are to no longer go earlier than God so if in the past we make that first step...we extra useful be optimistic that what ever that's, isn't likely against Gods Teachings, and we've given God a good number of time, even till the "final 2d" to circulate, in what way he's pointing us to circulate.. We lack in staying power. Wait I say, Wait on the LORD.

  • 1 decade ago

    If India wants to be free....then the schools should allow their students to spend their free time anyway they see fit!

    When the gov't regulates peoples leisure time, then you become like the USSR.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like we have exported laziness.I wonder if the Indians started becoming lardasses yet.

    I think it would be a step in the right direction.

  • 1 decade ago

    infringement upon rights

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