Population so highm maybe one child families?

Because the world population is so huge, my husband and I are thinking about having only one child. Any onezies out there that can say the pros & cons of this idea?

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    The world population is NOT too high.

    By refusing to have more than a couple of kids, you're contributing to the shrinkage of Western populations, which will make the West vulnerable to being overrun by Eastern peoples--namely, Muslims.

    The birth rate among Western nations--particularly white Europeans--is below the rate necessary to maintain their numbers. This has caused Europe to open their borders to any immigrants willing and able to come and work, to support their Socialist systems. The culture with the highest birth rate, and the highest emigration rate to the West, is the Muslim culture. If these trends continue, Western Civilization in Europe will be little more than a memory in about 50 years.

    The world's Number One natural resource is PEOPLE. And the culture that those people subscribe to matters. So if you don't mind that your grand children and great grandchildren wear burqas and suicide bomb belts, then by all means, just have one kid.

    But if you want future generations to enjoy a legacy of liberty, rational thought, scientific discovery, economic prosperity and string bikinis, you're going to have to do your part to ensure that Western Civilization propagates by the best means available--through a healthy, expanding population.

    Source(s): Mark Steyn's excellent book, "America Alone."
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    I have one child and I plan to stop there (for personal reasons). By being an only child, my daughter doesn't have to feel like she needs to compete with a sibling for anything. She has her own room and her own toys. But then she also has no live in playmates. She tends to be more selfish than other kids who have siblings since she has never had to share with anyone. She also has this " I am the center of the universe" view on life. Its hard to say whether one or more is better. I have three sisters and we always competed for attention. There always seemed to be money when two of us wanted to do something like take a dance class, but if the other two wanted to do something then the money was never there. We grew up despising each other for many different reasons.

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    You having more than one child isn't going to cause a dramastic effect on the worlds population. But yeah, my thought has always been that it's better for a child to have siblings growing up. I am the oldest in my family...so I'm not really the kind of person you wanted answering this, but I know pleanty of kids that are only-child's and the majority of them wish they would have had a brother or sister growing up to share experiences with. Not to mention, only-children when they're little generally have issues with playing with other children and sharing.

  • I am an only child, and like it just fine. Grew up well adjusted with wonderful parents. However, population is not the reason to have just one child. If you only want to have one child, just let that be your reason. You shouldn't have to justify your reasons to anyone else. The same way if someone has ten children, they shouldn't have to explain their reasons to anyone.

    Also, I live in the midwest, and trust me, the population is not too high. There's a lot of this country that is just miles and miles of fields and land and forrests and wide open spaces.

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    This isn't exactly what you're talking about, but http://www.vhemt.org/ will lay out some reasons why not having children is beneficial to the Earth. (It is also a satire site, so if you can't discern when they are being serious and when they are not, it may not be the best help.)

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    well if you only have one kid then you won't have to worry about them fighting with the other one, and you will spend less money with one as opposed to two. i don't think there's anything wrong with only having one. but, i don't get why you would only want one because of the population, that's a little strange.

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