NYC Workshop March 31/07- advice please (cont'd)?

Workshop held at St Vincents Hospital located in

Grenwich , west side of NYC. Its on W-12th near 6 & 7 th . Not far from Union Square. Does that help in regards to my situation ? Is there a R/C Church affiliated with the Hospital? or a nurses residence affiliated with the Hospital ? Rates may be more reasonable if go that route ? Hope this additional info helps you NY ers out there when trying to give me info that would help my visit go smooth. Thx again. Waiting to hear more great info & ideas .

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    St Vincent's is in Greenwich Village - a great area with historic buildings and wonderful restaurants; buses and subways are right outside. There is a nurse's residence, I don't know about guests staying there. I have a friend that works at St Vincent's; I'll see if he knows or can find out. In the meantime, telephone the hospital at

    212- 6-4-7000 and send them an e-mail with your questions:

    The hospital is on 12th Street and Seventh Avenue - The Chelsea Market is an easy walk, it's on Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets; it used to be the Nabisco factory - they made Oreos and Mallomars there. A lot of little shops and food places opened there. Be sure to try a Fat Witch brownie (they usually have free samples on the counter). The Lobster Place - a fish market has an excellent lobster roll - they also have very good soups that you ladle out yourself (I like a little bit of the sweet corn chowder mixed with the lobster bisque). Excellent place for gelatto in Chelsea Market, and Amy's Bakery makes great bread (they have samples, too)

    Around the corner from the hospital is one of the biggest lunch bargains in New York - Sapore on Greenwich Avenue and Perry Street - $6 for soup or salad, coffee and a main dish, including good pastas - $3.00 more and you can have excellent fried calamari or grilled salmon as an entree. This is a very small cramped restaurant, but, in warm weather, there's lots of pleasant outdoor seating

    Gene's Italian Restaurant on 11th Street and Sixth Avenue has an excellent prix fixe lunch and dinner with lots of choices.

    Murray's Bagels on Sixth and 13th - good coffee, bagels,


    The Village Den is across the street from the hospital on Greenwich and 12th - they serve a great inexpensive breakfast.

    Near Union Square: Via Emilia on East 21st Street and Park Avenue. Appetizers are unusual and outstanding - gnocco fritto - large platter of Italian coldcuts served with delicious little fritters; tigelle (not served in too many places) hot biscuits with proscuitto and melted cheese; wonderful soups, good pastas, fish is always fresh. Some desserts are outstanding.

    In the West Village: Da Andrea on Hudson Street and West 11th Street.

    Excellent pastas - I especially love their clam sauce, they, too, make tigelle, can get very crowded on weekends.

    Source(s): I live in the neighborhood
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