Should the Anne of Green Gables movies been true to the book?


What I meant was books 4+

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    That third movie doesn't exist for me. It is beyond awful what they did to the books. How they could make Gilbert go off to fight in a war that they're oldest sons went off to fight in...and have Anne find the baby that Rilla just wrong, wrong, wrong. And that whole love interest with Anne and that weird guy...YUCK. As if Anne would ever look at another man besides Gilbert. What were they thinking??? Who did think would like this???

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    There is always something tricky about formatting a book into a movie. Because movies are limited to 2 hours of so, books in general tend to have more details than a movie. Thus, it would be very difficult to include every bit of information in a book-to-film movie.

    That being said, I think that movies should try to be true to the book. Nothing is more annoying than expecting a movie to be something, and then it totally changes the storyline, most often into one more inferior. So, while I enjoy the first two Anne movies, the last one deviates too far from the plot.

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    I would absolutely love to see a movie that would be true to the later books. I have refused to watch that atrocious third movie. I was excited when I initially heard about it, but then when I heard all the complaints by fans of the books, I did not watch it. I want to see a nice movie from the 5th book on, actually. Of Anne and Gilbert becoming parents, and then all of their childrens' adventures. It would be so very nice.

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    Personally, I thought the PBS/Canadian miniseries type version was pretty true to the books. When you're taking a series of books the length of the L.M. Montgomery's Anne series and trying to condense them into a movie (or even as miniseries) it's difficult to translate them in their entire true form.

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