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Best NHL Player? and best ICE Hockey selection/country?

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    The best NHL player of all-time is really a debate between Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr. Wayne Gretzky has 62 scoring records to his credit, among which are most goals, assists and points all-time as well as in a single season. Orr, on the other hand, single-handedly revolutionized the defensive position by his complete dominance of games from the back end, and also is the only defenceman to ever lead the league in scoring, winning 2 Art Ross trophies in his career, which was cut short because of knee injuries. I toss up a coin and say Wayne Gretzky is the best player ever just because of all the unbreakable records he set.

    Now, as for your question of best ice hockey country, that is hands down, no question, Canada. The top scorers of all-time in the NHL come from Canada, Canada has more players playing in the NHL right now than any other country, Canada has recently won the World Championships, World Cup, as well as an Olympic Gold Medal in 2002, and owns the last 3 Gold Medals from the World Junior Championships. Also, we have only lost the Gold Medal Game at the Women's World Championships once, winning like 10 of those or something like that, and we have won the last two Olympic Gold Medals in that event, and have been to all 3 Olympic Gold Medal games in Women's Hockey. Canada, by a long shot, has the best ice hockey program in the world, and therefore the best players in the world.

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    Best Player - Gordie Howe - Scored over 800 goals in a time when games with a final score of 1-0 were common. Plus, he could fight. He also played until he was 52 years old.

    Best Pure Scorer - Wayne Gretzky - Having scored roughly 1,000 points more than the #2 all-time point scorer says it all.

    We could debate this question all day.

    But the next question is easy.

    Top Hockey Country - Canada

    Hockey is bigger in Canada than Baseball is in the USA. Dare I say that hockey is more popular in Canada than soccer is in Europe.

    Let's put it this way: The little league world series or the college world series is really no big deal in the U.S. However, the World Junior Championships in Hockey is more important to Canadians as a whole, than all American amateur sporting chamionships combined.

    All this, coming from an American!?!?

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    Best NHL Player.....hard to say, if you want all flashy and such you could go with a younger guy like Crosby or Ovechkin, but all around I would choose either Jagr or Lehtinen. Jagr puts the points up and all, but is a physical pushover. Lehtinen is a great defensive forward and has been consistent for all of his years, and plays a physical game, although not a dominating force.

    As far as the best country for ice hockey players, many would say Canada, but aside from Canada I would say it is a draw between Sweden and Finland. They play different styles, and dominate in different ways, but are still so damn good. Although Finland gets a little more of an edge because I hate them damn Sedins. :P

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    Best nhl player is Sidney Crosby because he can do everything on both offense and defense. he is also a good team leader

    best hockey country is Canada because they have dominated (and will continue to do so) the world scene since hockey went to the Olympics

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    It's really only a matter of discussing Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe.

    Gretzky is the greatest scorer of all time.

    Howe may have been the best hockey player ever in terms of playing the whole game. The Gordie hat trick? One goal, one assist, one fight. That takes a MAN.

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    Forgive me for decenting but I always thought a Gordie Howe hat trick was a goal, an assist and a PENALTY (usually for elbowing). Gordie had the biggest elbows and he used them to his advantage.

    Gretzky - the records are there and he managed to play all those years without a major injury in a game of body contact (and he did take some shots).

    Orr - if only his knees weren't his worst enemy

    Hockey nation - CANADA - a big nod to the folks in Russia who love the game as much as we do in Canada. Too bad the communists spoiled things for them.

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    Ovechkin-best participant in the league. rankings, hits, gives you power, sturdiness, is going to the web, tremendous passer, stunning shot. finished ability kit. Crosby-tremendous chief, is universal with a thanks to win, 2d best passer in the league in the back of Joey Thornton, can score tremendous aims, stunning puckhandler and deker. Iginla-continually a accurate ahead in the league, nevertheless a magnificent goalscorer and franchise participant, chief, a actual stress each sport, is universal with the position to position himself, no longer a foul protective participant. Honourable mentions: Malkin, Datsyuk, Gaborik Pronger-truly adept in all situations. sturdy mobility for a huge guy, tremendous chief, crushing hitter, tremendous length, underrated %. and passing skills, tremendous slapshot, always aggressive and would not enable different gamers to get below his epidermis. Honourable mentions: Keith, Chara, Doughty Lundqvist: tremendous goaltender, has continually submit tremendous numbers considering that his rookie season inspite of an everyday defence, can scouse borrow video games for his team. Honourable mentions: Miller, Luongo

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    Greatest player of all time Wayne Gretzky

    Most underated player of all time Steve Yzermen

    and i would have to sayy Cananda

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    I like Dany Heatly from Germany

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