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Will lacrosse, chest, bridge or poker ever get into the olympics?

Will any of these make it into future olympics. Lacrosse has the world championship in 2006 and had 22 teams particiate so they have the counties so why is it not in the olyimpics?

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    No on the chess, bridge, and poker. Only chess and bridge have officially been recognized as sports by the IOC. Besides the earliest any new sports will be added to the Summer Games will be 2016. IOC rejected all new sports for the 2012 games.

    In order to be recognized as a potential Olympic Sport lacrosse must comply with these two IOC conditions. #1 Lacrosse must have a IOC recognized international sports federation (meaning the governing body) for example- World Bridge Federation. #2 Lacrosse must comply with the Olympic Charter- Most importantly this includes applying the Olympic Movement Anti Doping Code [WADA) Does lacrosse have a Anti-Doping CODE? Lastly lacrosse needs to participate in The World Games: The mini Olympics for all the recognized sports not in the Olympics.

    Another problem with lacrosse is even after it completes the above mentioned requirements it's behind such sports as Rugby 7's (7X7 rugby) , Softball (only lost by one vote in 2006 in its bid to be reinstated for the 2012 Olympics) Squash, and finally Karate. BMX Biking was added because it falls under the control of the International Cycling Union. It's one of the disciplines of cycling not a separate sport.

    In my opinion rugby 7's should be first in line. Reason #1 this sports has global appeal played on Six continents plus Oceania. #2 This sport has a real competitive advantage meaning even a small nation like Fiji was able to win against power houses such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa. #3 Twenty four nations competed in the 2005 rugby 7's world cup held in Hong Kong (This is just some of the teams Georgia, Russia, Italy, Tunisia, USA, Argentina, Samoa, Japan, of course the 2005 winners Fiji) IRB has around 95 Rugby Union's as members, so this is what I a call a real international sport.

    FACT- Fiji played New Zealand in front of a capacity crowd of 40,000. Fact-Over 3 days of competition over 120,000 fans attended in Hong Kong. Fact- This event generated money do to it's huge world wide appeal based on TV ratings increasing sponsership thus showing this sport is growing.

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    Chess, bridge, and poker are unlikely because they are table games. No table game is currently a sport (table tennis is not technically a table game because fo the game is played standing up).

    Baseball had the WBC in 2005 but will be dropped from the Olympics in 2008. It takes true international appeal for a sport to be an Olympic sport.

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    Lacrosse is possible for a future olympic, but the others are such long shots that unless everyone gets their legs chopped off they wont ever be awarded olympic medals.

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    I'd say lacrosse has the best chance, because it's a real sport. The rest are games of luck or intellect. Olympics are supposed to be an athletic competition.

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