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Were Mandy Moore and Shane West going out at one point?

i just wanna know cause like i've seen videos and pictures of them together and it wasent like part if their movie a walk to remember?

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    i don't believe so, however i could be is why:

    A walk to remember came out on 25 January 2002

    March 2002: Announced she and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama split up a month earlier (therefore when the movie was released her and West couldn't be dating)

    Dated American professional tennis player, Andy Roddick. [July 2002 - March 2004]

    And I know most recently she broke up with another Boyfriend. (zach braff in 2006 sometime and with Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein in March)

    Also I found another link below that has mandy saying they're not dating

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    I think they were going out while they were making A Walk To Remember.

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    i dont think so...but im not sure

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