Are there any professionals on here?

Are there anyone on here who work for social services or anyone who works with stressed or sad kids? i need some help. So if there are anyone who likes working with kids through hard times, then please let me know, then I will tell you why I need the help. Or if you look at my previous question, you'll know why I need help.


If someone on here sees this question and thinks they can help me. Then feel free to email me, my email is or if you want to talk to my brother directly he always has a email. If you want you can ask me for it.

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    We all have hard times with kids. You are not alone. But Yahoo answerer's is not the place to find professional help. Their must be a social service organization in your community just look in the yellow pages. Or on your browser, type in social services, and name of you location. You will find many web sites.

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    I highly doubt that there are any real professionals on Yahoo! Answers. I am not a professional but I have some personal experience with this type of thing. I would recommend that you talk to the adult who your brother is most likely to listen to and have them to explain to them that it is okay to grieve and cry but physically hurting someone else is NOT okay. If the bad behavior is still going on after that, I would recommend taking your brother to a psychiatrist because he could have some type of mental illness that has been there all along but didn't surface until your mom died. I am sorry for your loss .

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    Your brother is only 10 make him go to a grief counselor.I read your previous question he needs some professional help.He obviously needs help grieving for his mom.A terrible thing for a kid that age to go through.PLEASE PLEASE get this kid to a grief counselor.Make him go.If you don't he could be scarred for life.Please let me know what happens.I was in social services in Houston for a long time.

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    I am a registered manager of a unit for young people with emontional and behavioural problems so if i cant help may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    theres always someone willing to help

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    No sorry, I can't help you there!

    But thanks for the 2+ points!

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