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can somebody tell me who is accessing my computer?

when i connect to internet, my computer starts accessing it before i click internet explorer. I have set automatic updates off. How can i come to know about the web address of the sites accessing . i do not see anything happening on my computer but adsl status of modem is flickering fastly indicating heavy flow of data. i have installed symantec av and spybot search and destroy. they are not helping me.

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    get zonealarm

    then look what programs try to connect from your pc.

    If you dont know why this or that app connect stop it and remove it.

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    The only way someone could access your computer is if they know your IP address. If they do know then you should have variable IP address's. The address should change everytime you logon to the internet. So just disconnect or reconnect. You can try to go to Start--->Control Panel---> Network connections. Then go to the connection you are using. It should disallow any users without your password for your account. You may want to change your account password. Other than that, I would take it to get fixed at a store.

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    I bumped right into a software the different day called IamBigBrother. you position in it on a computer and it receives thoroughly hidden. you may then watch what's happening on the computer because it occurs (including what information human beings get correct of entry to) possibly that's what you're searching for.. more beneficial than a keylogger.

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    What you describe has nothing to do with anyone accessing your computer. The packet transfer could be a result of adware or any number of programs you have installed on your computer.

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    I don't think it is anyone accessing your pc. But I do agree that it could be adware or any other programs that are automatic on startup. For getting rid of adware, try ad-aware SE personal. Download it here:

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    1.)Install a Spyware (Xoftspy) It's a powerful Anti-Spyware.

    2.)Install a Firewall. (Mcafee) It's good!

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    get spyware destroyer

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