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who's better looking: leonardo dicaprio or Hugh dancy?

I think it's hugh becuz he looks more educated and relate better to his characters,while Leonardo dicaprio still have the eyes of a little boy. He will never be able to play any tough parts like gangsters,or cowboys. And plus he sometimes look like a girl,no offense to any leo fans out there,it's just my opinion

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    I just had to google Hugh Dancy because I had never heard of him. Although I am not a big Leo DiCaprio fan, not even Titanic (I loved the movie, not so much him as an actor)but I guess yea, Hugh Dancy owns.

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  • Tony M
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    I would say Leonardo DiCaprio.

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    He replaced into warm formerly, and now hes hotter. he's a spectacular actor. He selections his roles properly. He Does'nt get stuck up in the completed "seem @ me i'm jumping on a sofa" bit. Hes low key, laid again, were given a ton of money and females individuals and He does alot for the earth. I understand why maximum adult adult males are jealous.

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