Writing Fantasy Book: Need Names?

I'm writing a book and I need names. I want creative ones. This is a fantasy book.

It's like Harry Potter. The main character is a boy and I need creative names.

Just need ideas. =)

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    If you're writing a book, especially fantasy, it's best if your names mean something. J.K. Rowling draws a lot on Greek origins.

    For example, Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the night sky, a name it was given by ancient Greek astronomers. Rowling uses this name to imply the greatness of Sirius's character. Also, the ancient Greeks called this star the Dog Star (Sirius's patronus was a dog).

    Ancient languages are a great place to look for names and name inspiration. I would suggest you find a simple English-to-Greek and an English-to-Latin dictionary (there might even be one online) and enter words that describe the character or place you're trying to name. See what Greek/Latin words come up, and either use those words or modified versions of them to name things. Your readers will get additional enjoyment out of the meaningfulness of the names.

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    Please avoid using made-up words for names or unusual names in a fantasy book. As, sadly, it has all been done so many times.

    What is wrong with naming a character Robert? Or David? Or even Chris?

    Just because it's a fantasy does not mean it needs to have names like "Ergolthair" or "Ravenface."

    I'm looking at you Christopher Paolini.

    Unless of course it makes absolute sense to use unusual names, but if your characters look, talk, and act like they're American or British then they may as well have American and British names.

    Judging by your want of creative names and your comparing your book to Harry Potter, I'm going to guess it's either set directly in England, or in a fantasy world that is similar to England. Whereupon, you will use manners of speaking and character you deem to be "English" so what is the harm in using English names?

    Lastly, and I'm sorry if I come off as rude or mean, but you must understand writing is a very hard career path, but you really should be able to name your own characters. For a reader to enjoy a book, the character must be real to them, and to be real to them, the character must be real to you, that way when a certain situation shows up in your book your character reacts realistically to the nature of that character, it's very obvious when an author forces a character into something they would not do.

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    I create my own names for my fantasy book, it's much more interesting. What I do, is take a word I like...for example, "Shadow"...and change a few letters around here and there, and I end up with a new "word", which can then either be a character's name, or the name of a city, etc.

    Good luck.

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    At one place I worked at we had this running cartoon using the names of some of our customers.

    We bought this robot. All it was was a robotic arm that would move a part from one machine to another in the manufacturing process.

    So we created this comic strip based on the name of the robot

    OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY COMES (brand name of Robot) doing battle with his arch rival General (name of a well known company).

    *Names deleted to avoid getting in trouble*

    Anyway take what I just said and apply it to your fantsay book. Use common names of things and places around you and you will wind up with endless possibilities.

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    Name the main character:



    or Keiser

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    Search google for any baby name websites and type into their searches for meaning, for exampe, "fire". You get a lot of unusual names like that.

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    This website has a kot of cool and freaky names . Hope it helps.


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