family guy (my favouite show!!!)?

what i am asking here is ti name every character single thats ever been on FamilyGuy

and give a defenicion of them (at least 7 sentences of them)

and tell me your favourite episode of family guy and why is it your favouite character + you have to give me 8 reasons why you do or do not like this show and why.then i might give you the best anwser.

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    Peter - main character, silly, love him

    Lois - peter's wife, rich parents

    Meg - oldest child of peter and lois; totally not treated right

    Chris - Oldest son and middle child of peter and lois; sweet in the head

    Stewie - Baby boy son of Peter and Lois, bent on world domination; hates his mother!

    Brian - talking, drinking dog. Very sarcastic, very intelligent!

    Joe + Family - new neighbors that moved in. Joe is wheelchair user, and his wife has been pregnant for years now. Joe's son always tries to please his father.

    Cleveland + Loretta - Best friends of Peter and Lois. Loretta left cleveland when he didn't show any ***** after Quagmire cheated with her.

    Neighbor nudist family - was the only teenage boy that gave Meg the time in the world. Heavy duty KISS fans!

    Perverted old guy - in love with chris, but lately has been seeing another paper boy..

    Brian's new girlfriend, Jillian - love her - voiced by Drew Barrymore. Really ditzy, but beautiful. hehe

    One of my favorite episodes is when Stewie is beating the crap out of Brian, "where's my money? you got my money? that's what happens man, that's what happens!"

    1. Family guy is hilarious!

    2. Family Guy takes risks!

    3. Family Guy will make fun of anyone!

    4. Family Guy has crazy and funny references and flashbacks

    5. Peter is absolutely the best, and I love his laugh

    6. Family Guy is edgy and don’t punk out

    7. I love Stewie – he’s my favorite character. He’s a brilliant little guy and his accent is a total tip.

    8. I love the music and songs on Family Guy, including the theme song

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  • 1 decade ago

    peter - Peter is soo funny i mean serouisly.

    Also, he is fat like anything NO OFFENSE

    lolis - she is soo serouis

    no offense but why would she like a guy like PETER!!

    stewie - is the best out of everyone

    i mean he is a baby and yet is the smartest of all them

    brian - i mean there is really anything to say

    execpt he was really funny in the bachelor episode where he went on this gameshow

    anyways family guy is one of the most funniest hilarous and stupid show ever it is like soo stupid it is funny

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love that show, but I can't help u with all u need,but I'll tellu some charachters:








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