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Clonazepam (Klonopin) Side effects/reactions?

I started this med about a week ago. I take 4mg/day. All is perfect but the only side effect I get is that I'm so @!#$@! itchy!!(arms,legs,back,feet)I do not have a rash at all,my skin is not very dry either.Is this a side effect that should go away or an allergic reaction?

Another interesting thing is around the time I started this med I changed my brand of laundry soap from tide to sunlight(which I've never used before).I also started using fabric softener(which I also never used before)I am known to have sensitive skin sometimes,especially to face stuff.Which really believes me to think it is the laundry soap causing this.Today I washed everything with tide again. I hope it's not the clonazepam,I also take 300mg lamotrigine/day and 100mg zoloft/day,but I've taken those for almost a year now)(they are for OCD,anxiety,antideperssant & bipolar)That's why I'd LOVE to be able to just take clonazepam, it treats all these things :)

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    I would bet money on the laundry products change.

    Itching is NOT a side effect of Klonopin:

    Source(s): FDA drug researcher
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    Clonazepam Side Effects

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    One of the major side effects is sleepiness. Clonazepam is often used to treat sleeping disorders. It's also very addictive and causes pretty serious withdrawls if stopped "cold turkey".

    The itching could be from the change in soap. i would igve it a few days and see if things improve. If not contact your doctor or pharmacists and ask about side effects. Usually a pharmacist can give you a quick answer without having to deal with calling your doctor and waiting for a call back.

    Source(s): Took for sleep disorder.
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    Okay, I would like to say that the more you think about something the worse you can make yourself. It's like the harder you try the worse it gets. I have the same problem. Although I ALSO have anxiety problems(Panic Attacks). Have you tried Buspar? Klonopan is VERY addictive like xanax. I know my mom is a druggie and... I think you get the point. Buspar is Non-addictive. I do take it but not as often as I should. The only side effects I have had are headaches, but I also take birthcontrol... That is really the only thing I know, excepet it is a sedative. It helps you sleep a bit... I wouldn't let people know you are taking that stuff. It is in the narcotic drugs catagory. Sorry I couldn't be of more help

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    keep taking the klonopin and watch for a change after using your regular laundry soap again. I've never heard of itching being a side effect of klonopin, and if it was an allergic reaction there would be some sort of swelling or rash.

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    Go to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist on duty. Tell him/her what meds you have been prescribed, the dosage you take, how long you've taken them, and what you've noticed happening to you. He/She will probably be able to tell you if it's an effect of the medication(s), and that will save you $ from a doctor visit. Be up front and honest about EVERYTHING you take, including over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, alcohol, and any other drugs you may have done. A lot of different things can interact strangely. Good luck. Itching is no fun.

  • klonopin is a benzodiazapam... which means its the same as a Valium or a Xanax or Librium. these 4 are highly addictive both physically and mentally, tranquilizers are good on a temporary basis. PCP is nothing more than elephant tranquilizer. side effects include a pretty good buz

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    Here are normal side affects listed.

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    I did not find any itching as a side effect.

    It is probably your detergent.

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