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Remote Access to Computer?

I have a laptop and i want to use a remote access software to access my computer at home from a totally different network. I want to be able to access it though a program or over the internet. Does anybody know of any remote access softwares I can use for this. I would prefer the software not be a free trial, cost less than about $50, or if possible free.

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    I do this whenever I travel.

    I have a firewall at home, so I must either open the RDC port (not good/secure) or VPN in to the firewall so I am "on" my home LAN (very good/secure).

    Then, using Remote Desktop (included with Windows for free) I can connect to various computers.

    Be sure to allow access to Remote Desktop Clients. You can do this in Windows XP, for example, under My Computer | Properties.

    You can check out other solutions, like the free VPC and the pay-for-use guys like GotoMyPC.

    I've had good luck with all these - but like the free ones the best, of course.


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    If your home computer has a static IP, you can just use built in Windows Remote Desktop (assuming you're using a version of windows that supports it). Another option are web services like,, etc... They allow you to access your computer from a web page. They give you varying levels of access for different prices.

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    VNC is another option, it's not quite as fast as windows remote desktop, but more portable, as in you can use it on many different operating systems. It also has a built-in web server that uses a java applet to remotely access yor computer from any web browser.

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    windows offers a free version of remote access ill try and find the excaxt web

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    Try, Radmin recommend that I really like. This is a quick and safe program for remote control of computers. The main benefits are valued Radmin worldwide: high speed, reliable security system. Full details can be found here.

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    the remote access has to be initialized at the computer you are trying to access. It has to be approved by the accessible computer before the accessing computer can access it

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    LiteManager Free - absolutely free for 30PC

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    This is a link where you can download for free Radmin



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    Use LogMeIn free

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