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comparing the springfield xd 45 acp and a glock 19, which one is better?in terms of power and reliability?

interested to know which one is better? glock gets jammed most of the time?springfield xd 45 acp? pls tell me about these 2 guns.thank you!

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    The Glock 19 is the more reliable pistol. Check out the "compensated" model 19C. This is the pistol used by NYC Police. The Springfield xd45 is used by the Croatian Military and is made in Croatia. It is the lesser of the two guns in my opinion. There is no aftermarket for parts and word is that it tends to have a "rust" problem.

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    In terms of terminal performance you are comparing apples and oranges. The 9MM and the .45 can both get the job done, however in terms of muzzle energy the .45 is the winner. The 9MM recoils less and is easier for most shooters to shoot fast and still stay on target. But the 9MM depends on expansion in a hollow point design to have decent stopping power. And while the .45 also uses expansion, in instances where expansion doesn't happen the .45 is superior.

    Both the Glock and the XD are good guns. Both are rugged and reliable. Accuracy will depend on individual samples. The XD is less expensive, the Glocks tend to have a bit better fit and finish and some things on Glocks are easier to change.

    I'd determine which caliber you want and then I'd take a serious look at how well each of the pistols fits your hand. The diameter of the grip, the angle, the reach to the trigger will all affect how well you shoot.

    Remember, that caliber or "power" will not make up for poor shot placement. Shot placement is far more curial than which of the two calibers you choose. And make sure you find ammo that is 100% reliable in the pistol you choose, assuming that you are looking for a defensive gun.

    Good luck

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    Get the .45 acp, since that seems to be the one you want. No, Glocks don't jam most of the time. I don't know about the Springfield as I've never shot one.

    Which of these two is better? I like the Glock myself, but Springfield's are good. The .9mm cartridge is generally weaker than the .45 acp. Of course, a +P or +P+ 115 to 124 grain .9mm is hotter than the old 230 grain .45 acp ball round. The Glock is rated for these hotter .9mm loads, too.

    All things equal, the .45 is going to be the better man-stopper and that is the truth. The only advantage left to the .9mm is more ammo capacity, so you decide what is more important to you.


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    1. If your Glock is jamming, try using NATO ammo instead of sporting good store brands. Otherwise send it to the factory and they'll adjust your springs. That's what I did.

    2. I'd go with a Springfield. I dislike the Glock's lack of an external safety. That little trigger tab can catch on anything and discharge your weapon. I also dislike the little "ploink" trigger pull.

    3. I'd go with the Springfield (still) because of accuracy. I own a short barreled Springfield and a full sized Glock. I get tighter groups with the Springfield. It doesn't matter how may shots you shoot, it's how many bullets hit your target that counts.

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    If I'm not mistaken the Marine Force Recon used the Springfield XD 45 ACP. I know this because my best friend was Force Recon and thats what he carried in Iraq. as for the Glock I personally dont know many people that own them. I carry a S&W M&P 40 cal, it looks like a glock but I have never had any problems with it. I have had it completely soaked and fired just fine and I have had it muddy when I was hog hunting and it fired just fine. every different person will tell you something different though

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    Why not compare the Springfield to the Glock 21? both are 45acp.

    The Glock is the most reliable,,

    The .45acp has more knockdown power than a 9mm.

    The old saying is the 9mm is like hitting something with a ball pen hammer,, you can swing it fast cuz it's light weight.

    The .45acp is like hitting someone with a sledge hammer,, can't swing it as fast but it sure packs a lot of energy.

    I'd go with the Glock in whatever caliber ...

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    As an alternative to either try to locate a used Llama full size Spanish made 45 caliber. It is surprising close to the Colt Military model 1911A and quite a bit cheaper. I picked up one for $400. Gun Shows are a good source.

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    They 45 may hav "knockdown power like a sledge hammer" but thats not the point. It will hav less penetration then the 9mm and the wounding power which is what realy counts would also be less due to the slow bullet. If anything take something like a .40 S&W

    btw maybe the marines still use 45 but most of the rest of the us military hav changed to a modified 9mm Berreta.

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