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Bruised Ribs?

i know someone who recently fell in the shower a week ago and they are still having pain in their ribs. Does anyone know some type of treatment she can use to help the pain?

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    Try using an ace bandage around the torso section to constrict the abdomen while breathing so the ribcage doesnt expand as much. Also, mild pain relievers might help. If it still persists, get an x-ray to determine if there is a fracture.

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    noone i's (above) answer is pretty accurate. Wrapping with an Ace bandage should help immobilize the chest from expanding too much when breathing (but be sure NOT to wrap it too tight!) Also know that bruised ribs take several weeks to heal, are just as painful (if not more) than fractured ribs, and there is no treatment but time and "taking it easy". They just heal themselves, but check for a fracture though, because a fracture of the rib can puncture another organ.

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