What is the most cost effective way to permanently weaken Iran's geopolitical influence?

1. direct military attack

2. support Kurd and Azerbaijan autonomy in the NW part of Iran, thereby cutting access to most of the country's agriculture and Caspian basin oil.

3. support massive irrigation projects in the Volga basin thereby increasing Caspian salinity cutting the water supply for Iran's irrigation

4. reduce demand for oil by massive alternative energy (solar, wind, tidal, biofuel, nuclear) investments


Some comments about the expense of #4: according to a UNH study the capital cost to supply all US transportation fuel needs with biofuels is approximately $400 billion and annual operational costs are $40 billion. The war in Iraq cost more and has not made the US energy self-sufficient.

The four items listed are just starters. The preferred solution is a strategy that will weaken Iran's ability to threaten others without causing widespread destruction. There must be more and better ideas out there. Post them.

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    Undercut their arms business, they reproduce every small arm known, explosives. etc.

    Arm and support Kurdish forces to form breakaway republics. Offer university educations to Iranian women, if and when they can get to Iraq border. Seize Kharg Island, load as many supertankers as possible, put in Strategic Reserve. Do surgical strike with delta backup to take out all of their nuclear facilities. Land an Army in South Iran. Make them march to us, and pulverize them with unrestricted conventional bombing.Assassinate Imams. Sell entire crop of Afghanistan narcotics to youth of Iran. Include LSD and Cocaine to soften their resolve to be BMF's Let Iraq re-invade North Iran after we wear out their army. Pay the Russians to withhold parts for their equipment. Mine and destroy bridges, power substations, telephone equipment. Let them ask for terms.

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    (1) Only cost effective if Iran is completely annihilated (and in such a way as to prevent other states from retaliating on Iran's behalf). Otherwise a war in Iran would be long and costly.

    (2) Probably the cheapest option, this would likely cause trouble across the region in terms of both the negative reactions of regional powerhouses and the possible ensuing civil wars as other Kurdish populations try to join their tribesmen in the new Kurdistan. And Iran could take advantage of the warfare to gain greater regional dominance.

    (3) Very costly in terms of money. Concerns over ecological issues may also trigger negative responses from international powerhouses, making it politically costly. Iran may gain international favor and influence as a result.

    (4) This would be very costly. Both the investments themselves and the possible negative impact a sudden shift may have on the economy could possibly bankrupt the government. (Sure, they can print money; but don't forget Weimar.) In addition, the exponential growth of PRChina (and it's demand for oil) will greatly reduce the effectiveness of this particular tack.

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    When the world discovers a new source of energy that'll weaken the oil producers.Iran has a commodity the world needs.Military action would be useless.The US would'nt find a single ally.Iran would have many.

    You can support any group you please.Won't alter the fact that this is Iran and the oil is hers

    Russia would love you to finance her infrastructure in the Caspian.But not to the detriment of Iran.They are allies

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    Neither. They will self-destruct. Better yet, Iraq will find a new Sunni dictator, supported by funding from Saudi Arabia, and invade Iran again. Only this time they won't quit fighting until Tehran is reduced to rubble.

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    2 sounds the best to me. We could also secretly disable their one oil processing plant, making them rely completely on imported oil, thus killing their economy!

    1 may bring more fighters to their cause and making them fight harder! Plus we probably wouldn't get much support from anyone except Israel.

    3 Another possibility. If we are open about doing so, then we may be seen as villainous since we'd be literally starving them by killing their crops.

    4 Aside from nuclear. Those alt. energy sources are very inefficient and would raise our taxes way to high. We'd probably waste more money than what it's worth!

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    nuke the .................

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