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Why are gypsies so disliked by europeans?

Why are the Roma community so disliked by many people? A lady I know was running them down the other day saying they were lazy and useless...I said dont be so mean....what's going on????

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    Like tartu2222 said, thankyou for using the word Roma.

    Romanis have been the outsiders, have been the travellers, have been the "exotic ones" (Look at THAT one s/he is a Gypsy!), have had more misinformation piled upon them (us... I am one) over only-the-gods know how many years. The word "Gypsy" has been stigmatized all along. I have an atlas from the 1850's that was used for instruction: its instruction about "gipsies" are as an infestation and a pestilance. It has always been "us" and "them" on both sides of the fence. Regarding the "us" as the Romani... can anyone really blame us?

    Romani do not have decent representation within the government of any nation and, in fact, most nations pass legislation that makes it impossible to get an education or a job. It is hard to get any "rights" when the governments, themselves, legally deny a populace any rights.

    People have seen Rromani as the "outsiders" for centuries. Part of this is our fault, much is not

    Romani have been shunted under the carpet for ages, including the Holocaust. A very very low estimate is 200,000 or 500,000 Romani and Sinti exterminated, the reality is most likely well over a million. Does anyone care? No. In fact, some Holocaust historians tend to ignore that we were even involved.

    Our reputation as theives is not warrented. That is a stereotype. Some Romani do, some do not... just like any ethnicity.

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    I've been here in Europe for over four years and I have to tell you that it's a great place except for the general attitude towards Romas. I was a Sociology major at university so I know that all societies need a group to keep "below" them. But I guess the thing that gets me is the gusto with which Non-Romas hate Romas. Even the Holocaust Museum here in the Czech Rep. almost forgets to mention that thousands of Romas and Sintas were murdered in concentration camps as well.

    Thanks for using the term "Roma."

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    Interesting. I would like to hear specific answers.

    On a mass level, when one group of people dislikes another, it is a symbol of deeper realities in action.

    On a personal level, it means an individual is not in harmony with their larger selves.

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    there are records of gypsies being theives, but im not saying all of them are. it has been turned into a sterotype more than any actual fact at this point.

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    Recognize simple racism when you see it. Stereotyping an entire group of people is just plain wrong, even for a holier than thou European.

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    I think because they sell shoddy things and do shoddy work. Or at least many of them

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