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Can I take a flat iron on a southwest airlines flight?

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    Yes you can. There is nothing saying it's prohibited on the TSA site, and as far as I know, Southwest allows curling irons and hairdryers, so why not a flat iron. If you're still unsure, just call the 800 number and they can tell you for sure.

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    Check Southwest's website about handluggage size/weight restrictions.

    There's no reason why you can't take an iron (although why you would want to do that is beyond me, but that's your choice) but if you want to take an iron, what else are you thinking of carrying? Many airlines have really clamped down on how many bags can be taken as carry-on and on how big they can be.

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    OH MY GAWWWD!.. killer flat iron lady! run for the hills... She's gonna flatten us all to death...

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    no you might burn someone haha

    just put it in your onboard luggage

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    not on your carry on luggage

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