Spyware confusion! Need some honest answers.?

I have recently been using both MAX SECURE SPYDETECTOR and XYSOFT on my system. I haven't really seen any obvious problems with either, however I have been doing some research lately and it appears that some people are concerned with having these programs on their system as they promote "false positives" (I have no idea what this means). I don't use spybot or adware and I currently have Norton Virus, but it doesn't have a Spyware program included. A friend has recently used a program called "CA", and he is really happy with it. Any thoughts out there?

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    There are much more fraudulent "spyware detectors" than trustworthy ones on the freeware "market." Many of those try to impress you with as many results as possible, while some of them just make up infections that are not really present. These are the so-called "false positives." Many of these fraudulent programs contain spyware themselves. Max Secure Spydetector sounds to me like one of those.

    You really should stick with the few well known and awarded ones. These are Spybot Search and Destroy, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, AVG Anti-Spyware, (formerly Ewido) Spyware Doctor, Spyware Blaster and just a FEW others I may have forgotten right now. I know CA (Computer Associates) as a producer of a good antivirus program, but not from an antispyware program. Norton Antivirus is ok.

    Keep in mind to never run more than one antivirus program, but for antispyware you can't have too many. To me, the combination of Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and AVG AntiSpyware does it. They are all freeware and by using Spybot's real time protection I hardly ever find any infection at all.

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    I definitely agree with y2bmj in saying that Spybot: Search and Destroy and Adaware are the best programs around, and they are both free. The two programs often find different kinds of spyware, so you should regularly use both. Spybot also has a useful feature of immunizing against spyware being downloaded to your computer without your knowledge.

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    For Spyware I would do three things:

    1. Use Firefox.

    2. Set Firefox up to delete all information upon exit (via tools, options, privacy).

    3. Run the free Ad Adware software from Lavasoft.

    For additional security I recommend:

    Zone Alarm from Check Point as a free software firewall.

    Nortan Anti-Virus.

    Good luck.

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  • y2bmj
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    I've always used Spybot Search and Destroy and Lavasoft Adaware, most computer techs will tell you these are among the best available. Also you might try AVG Antispyware, its free but its a pain because some features are disabled and remind you they're available in the NOT free version.

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    false positives are generated by some of these programs to scare the crap out of you. The idea is to get someone to do a "free" scan or download a "FREE" version of thier software, then hit you with false positives so that you will scared into buying the full product. Usually at an inflated price. There is alot of good software out there and some of it is truley free, but you need to do some reasearch.

    Let me know if you need more help

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    I didn't like CA.

    I currently use:

    AVG: http://free.grisoft.com/doc/avg-anti-spyware-free/...

    SpyBot: http://www.download.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3000...

    If you have further problems, try looking in the forums here:


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    webroot spy sweeper with anti virus is the only way to go. I rate it AAA. Its all you need.

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