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For Iran to be caulky by capturing 15 soldiers, dont you think Iran is waiting for a US offensive?

i be surprised if russia and china who equally have many deals with iran sit back while US tries a regime change in iran.


this will spill over to independent global targets- i think the americans are stupid if they attack- personal view.

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    Those sailors must have strayed in Iranian waters either accidentally or on purpose. It's not the first time UK does this either, they did it in 2004 and Iran captured them. UK appologized and Iran released them promptly.

    US did the same thing. In 1988 USS Vincennes during a panic after seeing something on their radar shot down IranAir Flight 655 killing all 290 people aboard and then blatantly lied about their position and falsified radar charts to show they were outside of Iranian waters.

    The truth came out during the next U.S. presidential elections revealing USS Vincennes's true position during the attack which was 7 miles inside Iranian waters. (This is why I love election time, for all the dirt from all sides comes out)

    About the US offensive, there is none. If you're talking about the April 6th rumor it's bogus or at best a scare tactic to see Iran's reaction. Bush is an idiot but even he is not that big of an idiot. Iran's military power has become very strong and to attack it will not be wise. Here are a few facts about Iran:

    1- Population of 75 Million with more than 50% under the age of 35.

    2- Mandatory and war experienced armed services which managed to hold Saddam at the border for 8 years without any help, supplies, or spare parts. (Basically fighting the whole West since Saddam was getting help, satellite intelligence, supplies, spare parts, training, chemical WMDs, and even actual fighter pilots from the west at the time. People in the armed services know the importance of the above.)

    3- One of the top chemical weapons researcher and manufacturers in the world ever since Saddam used U.S. provided chemical WMDs on them.

    4- Advanced missile technology with missiles rumored to be capable of reaching even the east coast of the U.S. carrying various payloads.

    5- Advanced torpedo technology capable of speeds of up to 200Mph (yes, Miles per hour).

    6- Advanced SAM technology and installations partly from Russia.

    7- Suicide training camps with approximately 200,000 trained troops as part of the elite armed forces.

    8- Supports and controls various groups around the world capable of striking any country’s interests any place.

    9- Extremely nationalistic culture with a proud history of more than 3,000 years which defaults to a great determination to defend their homeland.

    10- Vast amounts of oil which equals to a great source of funds.

    11- Quite capable of closing the narrow strait of Hormuz which would leave the opponent and the whole world with an oil shortage.

    If we learned anything from Israel’s futile high-tech air strike against a bunch of Hezbollah in Lebanon, it is that air strike alone is not enough (that is assuming it’s successful to begin with). Ground troops would have to go in.

    Personally I don’t see Iran losing a war. They might not win it but would make it so horrible and expensive that it would leave a very bad taste in the opponent’s mouth and would probably end up as a political disaster if not suicide for the opponent’s ruling administration in their country if not the whole world.

    For those of you who talk about nukes, chemical WMDs are just as bad if not worse. In my opinion they're worse because of the psychological effects they would have on people. Nukes kill and vaporize the most right away, Chems don't and they certainly don’t vaporize, they prolong death leaving the dead and the suffering to be seen and observed by the survivors hence psychologically effecting the healthy in a horrible way as well. Again, Iran has first hand experience in this from the U.S. provided chemical WMDs that Saddam used on them.

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    Iran, I believe, is logistically ready for any offensive action from US because Iranians have already built their army and everyday they show a new logistic arm made by themselves locally. However US is not in a good position to do so because US is already busy in Afghan ad Iraq. Further the Arab countries in Persian Gulf cannot tolerated any further war in the area as yet they have not been recovered from the sabotages affected as result of the two wars. I suggest US is better to start dialog with Iran to solve the pending matters and establish good relation with them. This way everybody will benefit and the world worries about any more war will be nullified and people will live in peace and tranquility. War will bring more corruption and peace will revive economy and wealth all through.

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    Iran is begging the US to attack them. Their country is coming closer and closer to another revolution, but this time the moderates and liberals of their country will take power from the Ayatollah. They need a war in order to take the people's minds off of the faults of the country, giving them a focused enemy.

    Considering Russia and China, neither would risk a war with the United States. Not only is military conflict an issue, economics play a very large part in this. If the US cuts off everything with China, where does China make its money? Where will they send their products? Their already underpaid workers will then not have jobs. Unless they get drafted. But then, how can a military be supported by a military? And yes, the US will get hurt by the economic severing, but hopefully people can learn to deal with rationing.

    And Russia, with all of its big talk, is reliant upon its natural resources to make money. If they go to war with the US, then they could potentially sacrifice one of their main sources of income.

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    Iran is emboldened since they don't have to worry about Saddam Hussein keeping it in check like he did during their war. Let the little proxy and cold wars begin. (Iraq-first meaningless venue) We'll be backing our different opposition groups for the next 50 years. It is clear Russia still thirsts for the old days. China is the wild card....Either they will succomb to the strong nationalism their anti-satellite missile programs and future moon landing programs are reflecting or they will become complacent sedentary peaceful people concentrated on providing better lives for their families either through vital or frivilous consumerism.

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    Are you asserting us British are huge wusses???? im effective in the event that they had post a combat we'd have 15 ineffective British infantrymen instead, we purely have greater person-friendly experience i think of lol.....

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    They're not waiting for a U.S. offensive. They know that the U.S. can't do ****, that's why they're doing it. They know that U.S. won't attack Iran because the Russians, the Chinese, the Venezuelans, and the Cubans, will **** them up if they try.

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    every war is stupid...but it happends.

    iran is a little kid who needs attention...russia is jealous because their not a "super power" they can only make money by making weapons to sell to poor countries....oh and their "state oil company" which they stole from igor.

    even if we did go to war with iran....russia will not do anything buy suply iran....they wont bomb us...neither will china.

    they will just make crappy novelties and also sell them to iran for a cheap price.

  • middle east chapter three!

    I can't wait.

    It will be very entertaining.

    *puts popcorn in microwave*

    think there will be enough soldiers or money for chapter 4???

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    If they had any balls they would have tried to capture American Sailors, instead of British Sailors, who had do

    not resist orders.

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    They just want the US and the UK to destroy the power plants they can't afford to pay Russia for.

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