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Knee Pains in my right knee?

I have been having this knee pain in my right knee for quiet some time now. I went to the doctor before about it but all he did was give me a knee bace.I use it but the pain is under my knee cap. It hurts really bad to extend my leg straight or even bend it and walking is hard, even walking up the stairs is a chore. I have a doctors appointment today but im afraid he wont do anything again, this knee pain has been going on for about 4 years now im sick of always being told it will get better and it will go away. My knee pops when i walk up stairs, it is swollen and the pain is under my knee cap not on it.what do you think the pain is?

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    You are never going to know what it is without xrays and an mri. I hope you are seeing an orthopedist and not your regular doctor. You need to be referred to an orthopedist. I have had 13 knee surgeries, so I know a lot about knees. My best guess without seeing any films of your knee is that you have cartilage damage. You probably have a defect of the cartilage that covers the underside of your patella (kneecap). But like I said you need to see and orthopedic doctor who will take pictures of your knee and give you a diagnosis and then you can go from there with a treatment.

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    This may be a case of patellafemoral syndrome, where the articulation between the knee cap and the end of the femur is not congruent. This is usually more prevalent in women due to our structural differences. Yet, it can also be caused by weakness in one particular part of the quadriceps as well as tightness of the iliotibial band on the outer part of the leg.

    Pain usually occurs when the quadricpes are required to be active...going up and down stairs, getting up and down from a chair, etc.

    It also sounds like you need further evaluation to make sure there is not any structural damage such as a torn meniscus.

    If it is either of the above, your next step in care should be physical therapy where more hands on examination can be done in order to attempt to correct the problem and decrease pain.

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    Consult a good orthopedic doctor. do some knee streching exercise. You must have got hurt and must have been unnoticed by you. Such injuries pop up after few years if not treated on time. Doc. may suggest u some pain killers. Learn yoga from a good yoga teacher and do it regularly. gradually u will find the pain has gone.

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    Some times the bone will chip and cause a bone spear, this is bleeding behind the knee cap . it is painful and must be drain off via syringe or you could have fluid on your knee which has to be drawn off also. good luck hope they fine out what it is , don"t take no for an answer you must stand up for yourself.

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    My knee's ache as well. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor would have surly gave you the blood test if he thought you had this? Good luck dealing, do not do what I did before and fell on the wood stove, be careful walking when pain is bad (numbness) and walking is hard!

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    Sorry if I sound naive but are you just going to your local doctor to see what the problem is? If so, then why not just go and see a physio, because they will be more specialised in problems like this. Perhaps you could get an x-ray done. As you said, it's been bothering you for 4yrs.

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    Water on the knee, I suggest a tap on the leg

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    4 yrs? just attend the doc's appointment

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    Arthritis. Unfortunately, no, it is not just an old person's disease. Please have a doctor take some blood to check for your sedimentation levels.

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