I am wondering how a girl Will respond if I give her a note to ask her out.?

Because I am scared to ask her in person. But I would like to know how a boy can tell if a girl likes him. Also what should I put in the note.

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    aww...thats so cute. i wish guys i knew would write notes!! lol. just tell her how pretty you think she is, like "you have such a nice smile" or "i think you're really cute" then just write, "will you go out with me?'' she will think it was so sweet for you to write her a note like that that most likely she will go out w/ you or at least consider it...

    here's some clues that a girl likes you.....

    *you catch her staring at you a lot, and she looks away quickly if you look back at her

    *she smiles and giggles a lot when you are near her

    *she will laugh at all your jokes even if they aren't funny

    *she will go to the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up b4 her classes with you

    *she will act like she's deep into a conversation with someone else if u happen to pass by

    *she will try not to sit near you so its not obvious that she likes you, but she will not sit on the whole other side of the room cuz she actually does want to be near you

    *she will get really quiet if you walk towards her, adn she will most likely blush

    hope i helped...i know my answer was long, but i hope it was what you were looking for. you seem my age, so i knew what to put in here lol xox

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    I think a note can be romantic if you are asking her to met you somewhere, but not asking her to be your girlfriend. If you do write a note make sure you come off classy, confident and original not cowardly and weird. You might want to find out if she likes you or not first. The best way I can think of, is to find out what she is good at, let's just say baking and ask her to help you bake a cake for you mom (or sick friend who loves cake) you get the point. Ask her to do something that would be annoying (but forgettable) to someone who doesn't like you, but great to someone who does. Or you can share something personal. When you first see her, appear obviously depressed, wait for her to ask you what's going on. (if she doesn't like you she won't want to ask).

    About the note, don't copy poems, that just says you are not articulate enough to come up with your own. Don't give hints that you are spying on her or anything like that. And don't tell her you are in love with her or want to marry her. If the note doesn't land, you want to save face.

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    Put, "for a little while now i've been comparing you to other girls i might like, but i haven't seen a simpler and sweeter girl than you. i like you, and i'd like to know if you'd be my girl friend...will you?"

    LOL sounds funny, but im not telling you to put exactly that. just tell her subtly that you like her without making it seem like you've been stalking her. dont scare her away. tell her lightly in the note. there is nothing wrong with sending her a note. it's actually what my boyfriend did. :) i think it's cute.

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    First of all I haven't seen a bluebird in quit a while. They are my favorite birds.

    I don't know about the note. She might think it is something you wrote that is actually from someone else. The best thing is face to face and see if she makes any moves to indicate an inclination to date.

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    well cu ing froma girl. it wouldnt probaly mean more to tell her in person but at the same time a note is soo sweet it gives her sumthin to smile bout and read over and over again to rember u and so smile bout when shes mad. i think its perfect, guys girls LOVE getting notes. tell her int he note that u would have loved to tell her this in person but u lik eher so much that u cant without choking. explain to her y u like her and simply say do u wanna go out with me? dont beat around the bush, tell her everything u luv bout her and then just simply say what the whole note is about. if she flurts then she loves u, look iunto her eyes, they say every thing. but wat do u have to loose? go for it, and a note is perfect, and im sure shelllove the note idea! bestz luck and go for her!

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    1 decade ago

    A better approach:

    Comb your hair, put on something nice and go over to her house and ask her father and mother if they would mind if you asking their daughter out. Be very, very nice. Say "sir" and "ma'am". You will amaze them and the girl will feel that she is something special. That's something guys don't do so much for girls anymore - make them feel special. And parents don't know so much anymore how it feels to be paid respect. Now, if they don't appreciate you for doing this, if they don't respect you... then you learned something: you need find a different girl. Good luck

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    well she may think that is childish girls like to be asked in person or even or the phone or internet so you could try like instant messenger or something thats where my bf asked me out and i thought it was cute. You can tell if she likes you if she always wants to talk or hangout with but she may be shy and not say anything just let her know and i am sure it will work out fine!!!

  • 4 years ago

    Sorry yet i might say she's no longer involved. i've got had this take place to me some circumstances while men deliver me a message by ability of ability of facebook. commonly i'm going to deliver a quick respond yet when I did no longer respond in any respect. and in no way getting text cloth message lower back isn't a sturdy sign the two. i think of your superb wager could be to easily flow on. She's no longer involved. yet once you go with to purpose lower back a minimum of provide her some respiratory area. do no longer text cloth her or facebook message her. in case you notice her in a bar confer together with her yet truly casually and don't stand around and confer together with her continuously. Say hiya and chat it up slightly and then bypass lower back on your group. ladies do savour being chased yet we don't love clingy, involved men. -wish this facilitates & sturdy luck

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    how old are you? Cuz past the age of 13-14 i dont think notes are that acceptable...rejection is rejection, shell appreciate it more in person But do what you will. and if you cant talk to her in person, how are you guys gonna date?

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    You´ll keep wodering if you don´t try. better if done in person but if you want to give her a note, just write:

    "Hello, would you accept a coffee tonoght ?"

    Sometimes we do these things wishing to be rejected so make sure your mind will not betray you.

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