Can you tell me anything about Halifax?

Can you tell tell me where to eat or stay in Halifax?

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    1 decade ago
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    Best idea is to find a place to stay just outside the city. It only takes a few minutes to drive back in if you want, and it will be cheaper, and easier, than finding some hotel to stay in right downtown. There's lots of little motels/inns/B&B's around the outskirts, much easier, unless you plan on coming in about July, in which case, phone ahead now and book a spot. In terms of eating, two of my favourite places are "La Perla" and "Il Mercato." Both are fancy Italian restaurants with great food. If you're in the Bedford area (literally 10 minutes outside Hali), stop in the Chickenburger, on the Bedford highway. They've got a pretty good, side of the road, pitstop chickenburger. You're gonna want to check out Peggy's Cove, and make a day of it. There's lots of places to eat here, (we love food).

    Check out for some more information.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I lived in Halifax for 15 years... loved it, and go back often. LA Perla is in Dartmouth, and highly overrated, and Il Mercato, on Spring Garden road, is NOT fancy at all... but offers really good Italian food.

    I really liked ONYX the last time I was there, and also Seven... a really hip, cool place with awesome food ( try their grilled caesar salad for a starter), and it turns into a lounge later at night.

    There are tons of pubs with great cheap food, and a fun atmosphere ( you HAVE to check out the LOWER DECK on Saturday afternoon). Just get there early, and prepare to have a grand old time.

    The LIquor Dome ( a combination of barsd and clubs connected by a huge dance floor in an glass atrium) is a must visit on a Thursday to Saturday night.

    try staying at the Haliburton House Inn, or The Lord Nelson, which has recently been refurbished and sits right at Spring Garden Road and South Street. It is directly accross from the Public Gardens, which is a nice spot for a stroll... you can feed the ducks, but not the swans!

    Have fun.... Halifax is an awesomw party town!

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

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