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my 5 month old has a little fever i gave her some ty;enol to help her get some rest and stop screaming and all she has done is scream MORE im going deaf someone help me any suggestiojns shes just screaming and kicking she sis not happy and she wont stop what can i do im pulling my hair out


ive tried all her fav tpys ive snuggled her tryed playing music tryed tv nothing works ive been walking her up and down the hall for over an hour

Update 2:

we dont own a car its a winny cry scream not a pain scream

Update 3:

even tryed something cold she wont hold onto it keeps throwing it

Update 4:

She is asleep now Thank you Whitney C it wont let me choose best answer for a day or to so once i can you will get the best answer

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    I understand you. I have a 7month old who has colic and it can be very stressful. You can try a couple of things walk and bounce with her, give her something cold to chew on and see if she migh be teething, and try pushing her around in her stoller. If none of those work and you are sure it isn't a hurt cry then I finally got to the point to where I would let him cry it out. Some will disagree and it will break your heart but there are some times that you have to let them do that. No that mine has to cry it out when he gets like that those times are alot less frequent. I also would try giving her a bath. That seemed to be one of the only other things that my son liked when he got like that.

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    I agree, with everyone on this board you need to take her to the doctor's, if she is kicking and screaming, it could be baby gas, it really hurts their little tummies when they have that, try picking her up and putting her back towards your stomach bring her legs up in your arms so her little butt is hanging down a bit and bring her legs gently to her stomach, and that will relieve the gas, my daughter had baby gas also, and it was terrible! But holding her that way really helped her!

    They have medicine for baby gas also, but if she is crying and really distressed and it sounds like you are also, then take her to the ER right away, you can get some answers and some peace of mind also!

    You both need to get help before you get frusturated, and you do not want to do anything you are going to regret. Get help for the both of you now!

    Source(s): Been there and done that!, coming from a mom who had post partum depression! And I was lucky enough to get help for me and my daughter!!! She had baby gas and I had family to lean on and doctors and medication to help me deal with being a "new mommie" and my PPD. Get help for the both of you, please!
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    u just gotta keep holding her and try to distract her, take her to a different room, put some music on, try anything, i really feel bad for you right now, ive got 4 kids so ive seen so many sicknesses and screaming babies, its no fun at all, your bub will b right in a few days, its hard seeing them in pain, and when i had my 1st daughter she was 2 and a half mths old, she got real sick with whooping cough, i literally pulled my hair out too, i hope shes feeling better by the time u read this, take care

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    I have gone though that ...

    My 2 girls are now 5 & 3.

    She might have Gas in her tummy...try Gripe Water if ya got any

    If you do not ....Lay down with her ....Hold her on top of you and rub her back....

    Your body warmth & rubbing her back will soothe her.

    The precious little one is just telling you in her own way ...she' not feeling well .... I think she has gas in her tummy !!!

    Good luck hope you manage alright !!!

    When babies are like this need tons of patience ...

    Remember did the same to your Mom when you were a baby ....

    Happy Easter To You Both !!!

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    did you try baby in the mirror? take her to the bathroom mirror and show her her reflection. make funny faces in the mirror behind her head so she can see you in the mirror too. that worked with mine. she may also be cutting a tooth. try some teething tablets you can buy them at walgreens or cvs. they work great theres also jelly teething rings that you put in the fridge to get really cold that help with teething. or you could use a wash cloth get it wet and put it in the freezer when it gets really cold give it too her to chew on. and above all else don't let on to her that you are at wit ends. that could be fanning the fire. good luck.

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    Is she is clearly distressed ring your hospital or take her down to docs. Another thing is to take her for a drive in the car, see if that helps too.

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    Could her teeth be hurting? Give her something cold to suck on.

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