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Can anyone translate my name in korean?

My name is CIELO LEE or ICE for short. I'm not half something or whatever. I tried to search the web and found this:

ice - 얼음

cielo means sky so i tried it.

sky - 하늘


but that's not what i'm looking for. i have a korean friend and her name in the philippines is KRISTINE PARK while in korea it's PARK HYIN JAE. and i want something like that. Please help me. :(

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    Lois Skye Lee

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    Korean use the Last name first

    so: Lee Khi Lu

    maybe find a plumber "leaky loo" ouch

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    Well, in Korea, we translate foreign names into their exact pronunciation.

    I don't know how to pronounce Cielo, but if you're to turn that into fresh Korean, it be something like:


    You mentioned you name is also nicknamed ice.

    "Au-reum" is ice like you mentioned but not suitable for a name.

    Something similar may be:

    "Sue-joung" is translation for crystal. Also my coz's name ^^

    "Ha-neul", sky is not a name word in Korea. You may use it, but it kinda sounds weird to a Korean ppl.

    "Sora" is suitable for a name, means sky, BUT haha, it's Japanese.... but you can use it as a Korean name if you want.

    Some other name suggestions:





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    씰로 (see-lo)

    아이으 (aa-ee-ser)

    Lee is somehow pronounced as 이 (ee) in Korean except if the name is not Korean-like.


    Cielo Lee = 이씰로 (ee see-lo)


    Ice Lee = 아이으 리 (aa-ee-ser ree)

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