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Can all dreams be eventually achieved?

A boy in South Africa once dreamt of equality...he grew up to be Nelson Mandela

A man in India once couldnt handle the injustices of the Birtish invaders anymore...he turned out to be Gandhi

there are many more examples. I have a dream. It sounds almost impossible. Can I achieve it? Did these peoples dreams not sound impossible?


I have a dream to start a large charity organization for he underpriveleged in India, I have the dream to be their voice, I have the dream to be larger than life, to get Indian movie stars involved, to be on magazines so people know of my cause. And then I want to get married to someone who doesnt know I exist ight now (as she is far too big of a star). Can these things all be done? Will I do it if I work hard enough? Can I do all this at a young age (I dont want to be like 40 and then do it, I want to start doing this stuff in my early twenties).

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    I dream of living forever, eventually shedding my human mental & biological limitations and transcending to a higher plane of existence...I sure hope it can be achieved!

    Some dreams MIGHT not be possible, but if you don't work to achieve them, then they're DEFINITELY not possible. Good luck in yours, I think you've got a pretty good chance. I know there are already charities for helping underprivileged children. My alma mater college had one called ASHA (I think) for kids in India, and my wife was until recently a member of a charity called Pahansila for helping with educational costs for children in Sri Lanka. These charities were all started by people with dreams like yours.

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    When you tell us what you don`t want, you are attracting more of it. This is the only cause of the blocks to your dreams.

    Check out the science of deliberate creation and the law of attraction. This will help you create the reality you want. You also need to realize that your life is your life, and that also applies to everyone else. Gandhi couldn`t have done anything for the people if the people did not hold the dream that someone would help them get there. Their dreams were as important as his.

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    Hi, Yes you can. First I will say to you. Believe beyond a shadow of doubt in your dream no matter how impossible it may seem to be. The KFC guy was in his 60's or something before one company would give him the kick start he needed. Harrison Ford went through 1500 acting auditions before he landed Star Wars. Believe in yourself and you will attract to you what you need to fulfil your dream literally.

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    I think if you trully believe in your dream and think there might be a possibility of it coming true then yes. It will take a lot of time and commitment and you will probably spend most of your life trying to achieve it, but nothing is impossible if you want bad enough. As long as its for the good, I say give it all you got. Good luck!!

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    I don't know but I had this dream the other night that I was on a nude beach and out of nowhere Pamela Anderson shows up topless and sits right next to me and asks me to put sunscreen on her back. I doubt my dream is achieveable, but you never know. One can always hope.

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    well,nothing is impossible.if you really wanna do it and you get god's blessing,then there should be no problem.if your dream is something that would bring goodness to human kind,dont worry.most of the people that are reading your problems would definately pray for your success.still not all dreams can turn to reality.

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    Probably a site like will help you out. There is a lot of content regarding dreams there

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    relies upon on the type of desires your talking approximately.Sleep desires or the failings you dream approximately occurring fairly. some human beings have premonitions throughout sleep and day desires can come genuine in case you placed your self out to cause them to ensue.

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    With persistence, yes.

    A dream with action behind it becomes reality. If you pursue your dreams and don't give up then yes eventually you will achieve them.

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    No, I dreamed once that I was a dog falling off a cliff. I don't think that's going to happen.

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