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what is an easy college to get into in Chicago, IL and a safe area to live in?

I'm cocedering Business or Technology

Computer programs


btw I'm originally a Canadian Citizen

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    NIU for sure. cheapest and pretty good.


    its not a two hour drive unless u drive like a 60 year old nun. but NIU is a good school if you want to live on campus....your total for the whole year will come out around 12K including housing, dining, health insurance, tuition and pretty much everything. and if you do the math on how much u will eat, pay for an apartment (if not living on campus) and other expenses..... 12K for a year is actually nothing.....if you take all the other expenses out of the fee (12K) then your tuition will come out to be close to 3000 and you'll probably get some state/fed grant, work study etc. so you wont even pay $ all in, eating, drinking, studying etc at NIU will cost you way less then what u will pay at a COMMUNITY college.

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    Harper Community College in Palatine. Also, DeVry has a campus in the area...

    NIU, yeah... but that's out in DeKalb, a good two hours drive from Chicago.

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    check out Robert Morris College; they have an accellerated program; 3 yrs to graduate.

    Also, if you are from IL, do check out the University of IL / Chicago on the near west side, and / or Northeastern IL on the northwest side....IL residents can go there pretty cheaply....relatively speaking.

    good can also check out some of the community colleges for the first two years..

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