what are the causes for poor consentration in children?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Often poor concentration is often caused by poor nutrition, dehydration or lack of exercise.

    Did you know that after 15 minutes without water our brain begins to become dehydrated? The perfect way to hydrate the body is to drink water constantly throughout the day, small amounts throughout the day adding up to approximately 1/2 our body weight in fluid ounces.

    As well, the food we put into our body controls the chemical balances in our body.....including the chemical balance of the brain.

    We need to be eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables everyday, combined with fish for the essential fatty acids. (The essential fatty acids are considered "brain food")

    Limiting or elliminating fried foods is suggested, reducing sugar, caffiene and processed foods.

    Kids also need to get enough exercise each day to maintain fitness. A fit body, a fit mind.

    There is nothing better for the average kid than to spend hours outside playing everyday rather than sitting at the computer playing video games..lol

  • 1 decade ago

    It could also be ADD or ADHD. Talk to a doctor, they'll be able to help.

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