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Historical Romance Novels/Books - Any avid readers??

I'm a crazy fan of Historical Romance books & i have a collection exceeding more than 200 books.

I would personally recommend books by the following authors..... Connie Mason, Iris Johansen, Johanna Lindsey, Joan Johnston, Julie Garwood, Lavyrle Spencer, Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas, Nicole Jordan, Ronda Thompson & Stephanie Laurens.

Are there any keen historical romance readers here??

Please do share your comments.

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    My collection is so vast, I have most in storage because they won't fit in my room anymore! LOL I have some of Connie's, I love Johanna's "Mallory" series and have most of them, Jude Deveraux's are good, I have a great many from various other artists, but my favorites are Nora Roberts (some of hers are more on the romance and less on the history, but they still make for great reading) and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I heartily recommend her. I have all her books and they're all very well written. Check out these websites, jot down a few titles, then RUN to your local library or bookstore! LOL

    *high 5 to a fellow historical romance bookworm* :D

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    I'm not so much in to specifical historical romance as I am historical fiction. But some great historical romance I have read that comes to mind is "The Witch of Cologne" by Tobsha Learner and "The Lady and The Unicorn," "The Girl With the Pearl Earring," and "Burning Bright" by Tracy Chevalier.

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    Absolutely love romance novels: Try Kinley MacGregor or Amanda Quick. Those are the only two not on your list already that I could think of. I also enjoy novels by Nora Roberts and Christine Feehan, although those aren't typically historical.

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    I love historical books - romance or not. I shall have to jot down these names and track down the books for my summer reading!

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    I love historical romance, i read Harlequin Historicals and they're the absolute best!

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    The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon series is wonderful!

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    Romance Novels are my guilty pleasure.

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    i read once that linking thumbs used to be what kissing is today. have you ever read that? i thought it was really interesting.

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    heck no, romance novels are sooo predictable!

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