30/06 Win 180 gr power point -vs- silvertip, opinions?

I'm interested in opinions on accuracy and stopping power comparring these 2... Been using Remington 180gr core-lkt soft points for years, no complaints, but was really impressed with the accuracy of the silver tips - I may have just had a great day at the range, but I'm not so sure.......


When I say "stopping power" I'm talking about whitetail in the northeast

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    If you were hunting Grizzly or brown bear or African big game I could understand you using Silver tips, but for Whitetail Deer I see no need to change ammo.. I would continue using the Power Points..... Happy Trails.....

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    Both are good. I'm using the Silvertips in my .25-06 with no complaints. Just zero in your .30-06 with some Silvertips and see if you like them any better.

    Good luck.


  • 1 decade ago

    I use silver tips in my Ruger .270. They do a FINE job at dropping whitetails here.

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