Why does an empty windows folder pop up when I logon to windows?

I've checked the startup menu and it's not on there. It's annoying.

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    Sounds like your desktop has been hijacked.

    Usually if a folder is opened when you restart computer it'll be opened again once Windows starts again. If you have something that's installed on the computer that's opening folder when you shut down the computer that could happen as well. Could also mean an application jacked your desktop and or another copy of Explorer process is loading after windows starts. Check process list to verify only valid processes are running before shutdown and immediately after startup by pressing ctrl + alt + del on keyboard and in the Windows Task Manager window that pops up compare the processes, you could also use a tool like Prevx or Security Task Manager to determine valid files from unknown or questionable ones.



    Security Task Manager:


    Scan for spyware viruses and trojans with free online virus scanners, find a handful of them typing Free Online Virus Scan in google search engine.

    To fight spyware, viruses, trojans your self a bit:


    For some good spyware scanners, XoftSpySE, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Adaware, can type those in google search engine as well to find their homepages for the related software downloads.

    There's other tools such as HiJackThis! could use to perform other tasks.

    If registry was damaged from an infection using a registry repair tool such as Registry Booster to scan for and fix registry inconsistancies:


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