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Hi all..I am planning a trip to Southern Cali in May..Now I would go in the beggining of May but forced to go towards the end of May since Splash Mtn. is closed at Disneyland til like the 19th. I have been several times but never been on Splash Mtn and that is why I might wait for it to re-open. We will be going to Cali like the 24th-27th..Now we might leave early 24th (thursday) of May to go to Cali or even late night the 23rd which is a wednesday and go home that Sunday. Any ways, which days should we visit Disneyland/Cali Adventures (we will be getting a 1 day hopper pass) as well as Seaworld? Like should I go to Disneyland like on Thursday and go to Seaworld on Friday or vice versa or even go to Seaworld on Saturday. What are your opinons?I want to do the best I can at beating the lines..any help would be great! THANKS

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    Wednesday is the least crowded day at WDL... kids are at school, and sometimes parents take long weekends thurs-fri-sat-sun or sat-sun-mon-tues. Seaworld is not as crowded, though I reccomend timing getting your food. We went last year, and are going this year, and we got our seats for the Shamu show, then went to get food. However, we went to the one vendor by the show, and were in line FOR THE WHOLE SHOW because we had the same idea as the millions of other people going. By the way, a neat thing to do is the Swim with the Dolphins program. I did it when I was 11, and my sister did it, last year, when she turned 10. We are going in two weeks so that my little cousin, who just turned 10 can enjoy the activity. It's really fun, and not in the show tank... it's in the side one where young kids can stand. Seaworld provides wetsuits, towels, showers, and lockers... all you need is a swinsuit. I suggest looking into it... it was a memory of a lifetime for me. Have fun at Disneyland, CA Adventures, and Seaworld!

    ps. Good idea getting the hopper... though I think you'd rather have two days if you can afford it. Disneyland it big... well you can do it in one day, but not if you do California Adv. CA Adv closes at approx 9, and Disneyland closes later... but Downtown Disney is amazingly fun, sometimes we go there and not DL.

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    Oh yuck, yuck, yuck to your dates. You are going to have a nightmare regardless of when you go, as far as crowds go. The reason I know this is my birthday is around that time in May, and the lines everywhere are always crazy due to Memorial Day. This year, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 28. That's both good news and bad news, the good news is, if you hit Disney on May 24th, you will avoid some of the lines, the bad news is that many kids will be taking Friday the 25th off, which will increase lines just about everywhere. Hit Disneyland before the Memorial Day weekend or you will regret it while you are waiting in line forever to get on absolutely everything.

    Sea World is going to be crowded regardless of when you go. They already have their new Shamu show up and running, they have fireworks, and a lot of other things going on. They are pretty much crowded on any weekend. Take it from someone who had season passes up until a couple years ago, get there as soon as the park opens, and do the hands on things like petting the bat rays at Forbidden Reef, picking up star fish at the tide pools, and petting the dolphins at Rocky Point Preserve. These attractions get extremely busy as the day goes on. If you want to get the most for your money, or if you have never been to Sea World before, book a guided tour, which will take you around most of the park. Ride Shipwrecked Rapids early in the morning, before the line gets long, but be prepared to get soaking wet, and pay for a locker to hold stuff, or leave someone behind to hold everything that's not water proof. Journey To Atlantis gets a long line as well, so get there as soon as possible. The best time to hit the rides if you don't hit them first thing in the morning is during the Shamu shows.

    For shows, Shamu stadium is the largest, get there early on busy weekends, which Memorial Day weekend will be, or you will end up sitting so close to the glass that you won't be able to see anything. Don't miss the Sea Lion show, as it's by far the funniest and most entertaining show in the park, it's stadium is tiny in comparison to Shamu though, and the night time show's of both the Sea Lions and Shamu are different, so something to think about if you are staying all day. The dolphin show is a must see, especially if you like dolphins, and who doesn't? The stadium is larger than the Sea Lion show but smaller than Shamu. I recommend that you arrive at every show 15-20 minutes before the show time, and they open the gates approximately 20 minutes before the next show starts except for when the shows are back to back to back about an hour apart. On average the shows last 20-30 minutes in length each.

    Other "must see" animal exhibits at Sea World are the polar bears which are in Wild Arctic. It's a simulated helicopter ride, and the lines can be long. The walruses and beluga whales are also in that exhibit. Personally, my favorite exhibits are Forbidden Reef where you can pet the batrays and the sea otters, which are sort of hidden in Rocky Point Preserve where the dolphins are.

    If you are taking kids along to Sea World, bring a change of clothes, or dress them ready to get wet, between shows that have "fun that spills out in the audience" to a portion of the playground that has water, to one of the rides, they will get wet, and kids don't tolerate that 55 degree salt water as well as the adults do.

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    Thrusday is actually the least crowed day at Disneyland, so take the opportunity. California Adventure should be good for Friday...since there aren't many rides to go on. And SeaWorld on Saturday, only one ride, but lots of shows. Going to Disneyland on any weekend or holiday is really bad...lots of long lines and people bumping into eachother..not worth your money. Have a good time!!:)

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    Disney on Thurs , Calif Adven Fri and definitely Seaworld on Sat. Disney on Sat would be tooooooo crzy and the lines way toooo long.

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    From my experience, avoid the weekends. Tues, Wed, and Thurs are most likely the favorable days.

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    Go during the middle of the week. Avoid weekends at all costs!

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