now that i'm on the subject?

where did this mark of cain being dark skin nonsense come from? i'm fairly well versed in the bible, which verse is it? which passage? and how do you know it isn't something more like that banana shaped birth-mark on my rear?

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    It actually comes from the book Dante's Inferno which was written in 1308. This is also where the concept of purgatory comes from. This was a popular book in it's time and somehow the concepts in this book was adopted into the Catholic religion, which by the way all sects of Christian comes from. While many scholars agree that Dante was basically not teaching people to be racist, many believe in the theory that this is where it started, due to fact that while prejudice has always existed, racism is rather a new invention in human history.

  • J9
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    Language change/origins usually doesn't make sense. Cain would have been dark skinned, along with all the other Middle Eastern people living in the area at that time.

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    And aside from that, All of Cains descendants were destroyed during the great flood so black people aren't descended from him.

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    Cain was from the middle that should answer ur question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not Cain.... One of Noah's sons...... I believe his name is Ham.

    Noah cursed him...... I don't know how he relates to black people though.

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    Stories..plain and simple.

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    never mind i wont even answer that it would only start sh-- should of been asleep hrs agoe.

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