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which is the strongest reducing agent?






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  • 1 decade ago
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    I pick Li.

    First look at the standard electrode potential for this question.

    Li(+) + e ---> Li E = -3.05V

    Na(+) + e ---> Na E = -2.71V

    K(+) + e ---> K E = -2.93V

    Rb(+) + e ---> Rb E = -2.93V

    Cs(+) + e ---> Cs E = -2.92V

    From the above values, it can be seen that it is highly favourable for Li to form Li (+) as E = 3.05 V

    If it is easier to oxidise these elements, then the reducing ability of this element would be greatest.

    Weakest would be Na. This can be seen in real life where LiAlH4 is a much powerful reducing agent than NaBH4.

  • 1 decade ago


    If you look at the table of standard potentials in water solutions Li is the the strongest reducing agent

  • 1 decade ago

    Cs-cesium as it is the most reactive metal.

    Starting with the strongest reducing agent to the least the order are as follows:

    Cesium (Cs)

    Rubidium (Rb)

    Potassium (K)

    Sodium (Na)

    Lithium (Li)

  • na

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