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what information will come up about someone on a police record check (PRC) and a criminal record check (CRC)?

I recently finished university and have applied for several jobs in ontario some of them require police record checks (PRC) and some requiring (CRC). I understand the difference that (PRC) is required for working with vulnerable populations. I am concerned because I have two instances which might show up. The first involves an incident where I was arrested for break and enter and sexual assault over a huge misunderstanding and was released 12 hours later without finger prints or charges. The second was were I was detained at a canadian airport because they found traces of cocaine when my wallet was swabbed. I had a friend who had a drug addiction and I would always carry his cards and money to prevent him from spending it on drugs and I guess they found traces of it on me. Does anyone know whether these two instances will come up? I would hate to be unable to work or pass security clearances at government jobs over either of these two very unfortunate circumstances.

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    It is unlikely that you have a criminal record with those incidents. If you didn't go to court for them then they won't be on your record. If you did go to court for them and were found not guilty, then they won't be on your record but they will still be there as charges waivered or dropped.

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    In Indiana, any CONVICTION shows up, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor except for traffic offences. To get those, they had to do a Bureau of Motor Vehicles check and they last here for 10 years I think it was, (maybe 7). They don't keep records of charges. I worked at the post office at one time and in my history, I had an assault charge filed against me which the Post Office would not have liked, especially with people going "postal." Anyway, I was acquitted and thus, it wasn't on my record. Also, I was able to go to the police station and get a copy for $7.

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    Criminal Record Search Database :

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    Generally speaking in America only actual convictions greater than a traffic offense will show up.

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