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Girls who would u choose?

Girls wich one should i go for?

mike is the black guy he likes going ot the gym watching movies and hitting the clubs , and he also like tomake people laugh he has a great sense of humor and is vey intelligent and romantic and he likes country music and is a manager of a radio station.

Derrick, derick is a rock climber he love canoeing and he is a classick ggek/ jock intelligent and he is a little bit into himself sometimes wich guy should i pick

mike is the black guy derrick is the white guy they are both friends and they both like me here is a picof them

derick is also rich and he loves to go swiming


who would u choose and y

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    well, it looks like they chose each other. sucks for you but you know, the master is always looking.

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    It is pretty basic here. Are you interested in someone that makes you laugh, that is romantic, etc.? Or do you want someone that is "a little bit into himself"? Seems like Derrick may be into single pursuits, rather than couples games.

    Does the fact that Derrick factor into the situation? Seems odd that you mentioned that, but if that's your thing.......

    Just listen to your own heart and decide which one fits you best. Which one do you have more in common with?

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    After ur words, u sound like ur not that old and not gona get married with any of them , :) so the material derik part is not that catchy. So u should probabily go for the soul of the party , wich is mike as u said it urself

    Brains, humor, gym , sound like he got them all , so why u got doubts ?

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    I would choose Mike because he seems like a really nice guy. Nice guys are one in a million...for some people. You should choose the guy who will give "you total freedom to be yourself" and treat you right. You should also follow your heart about this decision. You shouldn't choose the guy who will make you feel insecure about yourself.

    Source(s): Quoted part courtesy of Jim Morrison. :)
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    Only you can answer that question. Do you like to do the things they do? Have you seen how each of them have treated previous girlfriends? Or even how they treat their own mothers! And who says you have to pick one?! Can't you enjoy the company of each of them and get to know them a little better? You're not married until you say 'I do' so there's no need to act like you are.

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    If you are trying to choose between them, I don't think you should choose either... If you don't know right away which one you REALLY TRUELY like, then are you sure you want either of them... or is it because the opportunity is there that you are trying to decide... look inside... only you can decide what you actually should do...

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    Tough decision! Decide which qualities do you really want in a partner and youll find out the answer soon enough!

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    i would go with derick because he seems like the better guy. but if you choose mike than you can send derick my way. jk lol

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    Mike is the one for you because you need someone that you can have fun with and that make you laugh.

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    I would choose neither of them because neither one looks or sounds like an appealing person. I think i would have to meet them to know that.

    rock on ;)


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    I would chooose derrick. I am not racist it's just i love adventures and exploring. It's load of fun!

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