Why do we exist?

why are we living, why do we exist? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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    First we should recognize that the question “why?” has more than one meaning. Why? May ask about the cause of something or the motive for something and, sometimes, bit of both. So when you ask the question 'Why do we exist?' which question are we asking? Any how I’ll leave that up to you.

    Here are the basic three answers, of which most will reject one.

    1) “Why do we exist rather than not exist?”

    a. Some superior being (i.e. God, Allah, superior conscious, divine creator, etc.) felt that such existent beings as us were needed for some ‘reason’ or another. Thusly we were created to fill this ‘reason.’ (see any and all religious answers about existence)

    i. Problems:

    ii. Why dose this superior being exist? (infinite regress)

    iii. Which superior being is it?

    iv. Which is the correct reason we are needed?

    v. How do I know this to be true?

    vi. What would it have been like for us (existing beings) to not exist? (most brush over this concern, but I urge you to really see the contradiction in this kind of talk)

    vii. Info see any religious site (there are literally millions)

    2) “How did we come to exist?”

    a. Some complicated process of natural selection, mutation, and copying caused us to be.

    i. Problems:

    ii. Evolution has not been fully observed…

    iii. Evolution (like Gravity) is just a theory, thus still not a fact.

    3) “Why are we this kind of thing rather than some other kind of thing?”

    a. This question is just foolish, like “why aren’t llamas’ tigers?”

    i. See (http://www.eclipse.co.uk/thoughts/exist.htm)

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    Why does anything exist? The logical thing would be absolute silence, absolute darkness and absolute cold. All negatives. For something to exist surely it must have been created out of nothing. Physicists may have answers but I certainly don't have the intelligence to understand what they are telling us. Perhaps when I die I'll understand as promised by Saint Paul.

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    We exist for one reason only. To find Jesus so we can die and live in heaven. Until that time live life the best you can. If you were taking out of the equation take a minute to think how many lives would change. We afffect so many people.

    Cause and Effect!!

  • I think we are all here on planet earth because it is a sort of classroom. We are here to become more perfect and to experience life and learn lessons. Your soul may have chosen the type of life you are leading to perform a particular task or teach someone else something. You may have chosen beforehand whether you wanted to be a male or female. After numerous incarnations perhaps we join with God.

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    Many have different beliefs. There are many that make sense. But one tends to stick out to me a little more than the others. It is not necessarily truth, but it certainly opens up more questions. We are the universe trying to understand itself. We are the 'aware' factor of the universe. Kind of like how artificial intelligence would become aware of its existence. Hmmm.....

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    I exist to make the lives of others miserable. Just ask my kids. Ha Ha apparently I do a good job.

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    Everyone exists for a different reason. We mean something to at least ONE person in this world, maybe many more. It will come to you one day what your purpose in life is. It may not be what you would have chosen, but it will come to you.

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    We desire to exist. We certainly have the power to end our lives, but we don't go out and kill ourselves, because we yearn for positive experience. We want to be alive. Your question is deeper -- about existence, and I think desire is the answer. We are desire itself and our lives are the process of desire becoming reality.

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    I took a class one time the final exam was one word. Why? There was two answers. The a was why not and be B was because. Everything else you failed. I picked why not. This could be the answer to your question. Why not.

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    1 decade ago

    We're hear to serve God. Simple and plain.

    If you honestly want to find the "absolute truth" you'll find Jesus. This I can guarantee!

    Love God.

    Love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself.

    Love your enemies.

    Love conquers all!!!! Cliche soundin or not, it's the truth.

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