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I wanna move to Alabama, how do I do this, what will I need?

I live in California wanting to move to Alabama. what will I need, how do I go about this because I have no one out there.

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    Well you don't need a passport so it's the same as if you were moving anywhere else- just take off.

    Of course if you don't have money set up for a place you might want to get a job there first. Try the internet as there are many jobs online and it's easier to search that way instead of moving there first and then looking around. Try the Alabama newspapers online as well as major employment websites like Monster and pick some Alabama cities. Another thing I would suggest is find the names and addresses of some big companies there (you can find a list in various places online too) and then write a nice letter offering your services. It's a long shot but I know for a fact that it works because I literally got a job in Alabama this way. The head of the IT dept phoned me personally. I moved several hours away and I had no one out there either.

    If you don't know where to move I would just say that the Huntsville area is more techy, Muscle Shoals and the quad cities is more small townish and musical, B'ham is the biggest city but is VERY mountainous and built itself as more of a "iron city" type thing back in the day so unlike much of the South had a good bit of immigration from Italians and Arabs, etc. (Condi Rice is from here and has some Italian ancestry). It's really cool to see non-standard types with Southern accents. I don't know as much about south Alabama but if you move too close to the gulf around Mobile you are getting into hurricane potential areas, although I don't doubt it's a nice place.

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    Well, there are lots of jobs going begging in both Huntsville and Birmingham. Check with AL.COM for the employment listings, or

    Job market here is outstanding, so that's the first thing I would check into.

    If you have a city in mind, I would go to their chamber of commmerce's website. Usually lots of great info there.

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