How do i fix the Idle issue with my jeep?

I installed a new header on my 2006 TJ. I had to disconnect the whole intake manifold, trottle body, injectors and hoses to get to it. Now that it is all put togther the engine red lines the second i start it. Im pretty sure it is electrical or one of the sensors. Any ideas how i can fix this issue?? Thank you

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    Double check all your throttle links. Sounds like you have one that is holding the throttle open. are you able to open and close the throttle by hand or does it seem really stiff. You may also have a vacuum leak that is causing the issue. are you receiving a check engine light? the computer is reading a WOT (Wide Open Throttle) air volume somewhere. I would double check the linkage and TPS (Throttle position sensor) Oh hey does it have cruse control? It's possible you have the wrong vacuum hose hooked up to the Cruse booster. When you start it up is sucks that diaphram in and causes a WOT condition. Check that as well. Hope this helps give you some direction.

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    Double check the intake manifold. It sounds like it isn't properly installed, causing a huge vacuum leak. I've seen it too many times where the exhaust manifold was replaced and the intake wasn't lined up on the dowel pins. Usually the intake breaks at the hole for the dowel, making it difficult to line up. Do NOT run the vehicle until it is fixed, you will damage the engine.

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