Pokemon red another question!! Help me!!?

Hi everybody yes its me again. I need some more help with my game. I am in Fuchsia City and I have 6 badges and one of the people in the city gave me a Lapras. I am trying to get to the seafoam islands and I want to know how Lapras gets the ablity to surf. Do you I keep fishing and battling water pokemonpokemon and I have the Exp all.

Please help me! I'm the person who asked about how to get back on the Anne ship. hahaha


Whenever I go in the Safari Zone you are timed and how do you get to all those things before time runs out? What are the rest houses for? I think the timed thing is for about 2 or 3 minutes or something.

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    You'll need the HM Surf, which is deep within the Safari Zone. That will teach any water pokemon (and some others) Surf, which will let you traverse water and is a strong water-type attack in battle. You'll need a corresponding badge to use it outside of battle, but I don't recall which one it is, most likely Fuschia, Sapphire, or Celadon.

    Edit for extra question: the amount of time you get is not actually time, but steps you take (you can tell how much time you have left once you are in the zone by going to your menu screen). You have 500 steps to make once you are in the Safari zone. Go to the zone to your right (the next screen over), then go to the zone north of that (the exit is to the west actually, but it is at the northern end), and then make your way around to the south exit at the far west of that third zone (you will have to go north first before reaching this side). The Safari Zone is a bit of a maze, but it is not that difficult once you get the hang of things. The Wardens Teeth item should be by itself in the last zone you enter, just to the east of the lone rest house which has the guy which will give you Surf.

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    Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. The HM is awarded to the person who first reached the last zone/area of the safari. In the last zone/area, there is a house there and somebody will give you the HM Surf as your prize. Another thing, be sure to find the Gold Teeth item while you're in the Safari Zone for the HM Strength (there is a guy in Fuschia that you couldn't understand anything he says-I think he's the warden and will give you an HM also); its near the last area.

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    To get surf, either level up or get the HM

    for other things try www.gamewinners.com

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