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what colors are in style for the year 2007???

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    Hot colors for spring/summer:

    --pretty much anything in the purple'll see everything from plum to bright royal

    --hot blue-range aquas and sea foam greens

    --chocolate is still a basic, but I believe it's on the downside, and we're seeing a return to black (particularly black and white graphic print)

    --metallic accessories, particularly bronzed and aged versions (shoes, bags, belts)

    --seersucker (pinstriped fabric with a pucker)seems to be making a comeback as well, and looks great paired with color.

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    bright colors! shop @ Amarican eagle and Forever 21. and white is the new black and pink is the new red ,green is gay and yellow is not ,dont wear green on wednessday and NO black avoid it ,but a little is ok. shorts are "IN".if you have any other questions email me at or

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    White and bright colors this spring!

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