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Why didnt anybody pick Troy Smith??

He was the HEISMAN trophy winner, and he went in the FIFTH round, to Baltimore? Is there something I am not getting because I am pretty sure this is the lowest a Heisman trophy winner has ever gone. I understand that he missed combine, but why did he go so low? Why didnt Miami or like Houston pick him since they need a QB??

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    Scouts think he is too short to play in the NFL. That and is showing against UF are the only 2 reasons why he went so late.

  • Well actually he isn't the lowest a Heisman has been drafted, Jason White (the heisman before Matt Leinhart) didn't get drafted and is no longer in the Nfl ( I don't even know if he ever was)

    Troy Smith is too short, he is a great QB but he won't stand a chance against the big tall d-lines because he won't be able to see, he will have to scramble almost constantly to see his WRs so he should have went 3 or 4 round because of his height. Houstan doesn't need a QB because they got Matt Schaub (who actually is a decant QB) and Miami drafted Trent Edwards in the second round which takes troy smith out of the picture for them.

    Honestly I don't agree with it either, I mean look at Drew Brees, he is only an " or 2 taller than troy smith and look at his success

    But the bottom line is, it was his height that killed him

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    All I've got to say is out of high school Troy Smith was underrated by even the fans in his own state. And all players have an off day his just came during the national championship. but the media and scouts took that game as fact of his true abilities. If they did that to Brady Quinn they would have four or five A year to look at and wouldn't have pick Quinn at all, but because Troy Smith is 6 ft tall they were looking for a reason to tear him down. The Ravens Got an incredible deal and in 3 yrs when Mcnaire retires Troy will be ready to prove if he can be a NFL quarterback, and put his magic (like beating Mich!@#! three years in a row somehow)

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    Are you kidding? Heisman winners get drafted late all the time. Jason White, who won the Heisman once and almost won it twice twice, didn't get picked by anyone at all.

    Troy Smith isn't expected to do very much in the NFL for a variety of reasons, not just because he's short. Not only is he small, but the scouts also think he has problems with intelligence, character (he's a big risk to be another Pacman Jones), release time on his passes, and accuracy. He really isn't an ideal player for the NFL. The thought is that in college, he was just a player of very mediocre talent who looked great because he played on a very, very talented college team. As they say, the QB always gets too much credit when his team plays well, and he always gets too much blame when his team loses.

    For these reasons, most NFL scouts don't expect Smith to ever be more than a backup QB. I really don't know why you all think he went late just because he's short. The fact that he is not very accurate and that he has a slow release time affected his draft grade much more than his height. Don't compare him to Brees, because Brees is totally accurate and has a very, very fast release. Brees is unlike Smith in just about every way except for his height.

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    These totally ignorant fans who hate OSU with a passion and that tirckles down to Troy Smith and causes them to find any reason to knock on him. Scouts have said time and time again that Troy Smith has outstanding character, thats a fact, another fact is that Troy Smith threw over OSU lineman with an average height of 6'6. The only thing holding Troy Smith back was all of the weight he put on before the National Championship and the poor showing he had. His accuracy is about average but is something that they can work on and correct in the NFL. Scouts, GM's and analysts have said nothing about Troy Smith not doing anything in the NFL, they dont say much about anyone not doing in anything in the NFL. These guys who attempt to say that their personal opinions on Troy Smith, are the opinions of Analysts, and team organizationsm, is simply ignorant. These morons view on Troy Smith is soo biased that they couldnt say a single nice thing about him. The fact Troy Smith is a mobile QB, yes he has talented receivers, but the receivers in the NFL are just as talented if not even moreso... So that is not a factor, another thing is that he no longer has any character issues for teams to worry about. Troy Smith is a greta athlete and i believe that him being selected that late in the draft will push him to succeed and do well in the NFL.

    On a side note (speaking to b m), if your so damn smart and "Troy Smith is expected to be nothing more than a backup" then why in the hell did the Baltimore Ravens select him behind and ageing Steve McNair who has maybe 2 more seasons AT MOST, left in his system? The fact that you say he is a big risk to be another pacman jones proves how insanely biased you are, because that is totally untrue.

    Your just an ignorant moron!!!

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    hes short and very overrated. there we lots of qbs that were rated higher than him such as russell,quinn,edwards,beck just to name a few. just cause he won the heisman doesnt mean that hes gonna be an amazing NFL qb for years to come. he didnt miss the combine,he just chose not to participate in parts of it. other reasons include that his 40 time was way slower than what it should have been,he really didnt shine at his workouts or in the drills he did at the combine.

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    Did you watch the National Championship game or in OSU's case the national chumpionship game? Troy Smith was rattled the whole game. He's too short to play well in the NFL.

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    because he grow to be uncovered in the course of the nationwide Championship sport as being unable to handle NFL high quality defenders. He performed for a particularly overvalued team in a weak/overvalued convention. And, being the alledged perfect college participant would not recommend you're NFL high quality. See loads of the perfect 10 Heisman QBs.

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    well for the most part the past few Heisman winners have been a big bust except for ward you opted for basketball

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