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Would a dwarf gourami and 2 cherry barbs be overstocking a 6gallon tank?

I haven't set up a tank of any kind, so don't worry. But I've been considering what to do with a six gallon. The barbs grow about 1.5 inches (about 3 inches so far if I get 2) and the gourami grows to 2 - 2.5 inches. So there you have it, around 5.5 inches of fish, that's not overstocking a 6g according to the "1g for every inch of fish" rule, but I've heard some people resent that rule, beats me ;)


And its only THREE small fish, not like 12 crammed in the 6g. I know some people hate "mini aquarium" but they are kinda cool. And of course I'll let the tank age, probably put some aged gravel (from my other tanks) in it.

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    The dwarf gourami is a peaceful fish but your barbs are fin nippers. As for the size and tank capacity you are on the right track. When you set it up do yourself a favor and set it up with what we call throw-away fish. Feeder fish. Put 3 or 4 feeder guppies or gold fish in it for about 2 weeks to build up the good bacteria. Get the Eco system started. I don't mean to actually throw the fish out after 2 weeks. Sometimes people jump to add the fish they want right away and don't relise that the tanks needs to have its system jump started for good healthy fish. It will take about 2 weeks for the bacteria to build up in the tank.The small tanks are difficult to maintain. They really are a novelty. The rule of thumb is get as big as you can afford. They are less work. Once established they only need partial water changes about once a week as well as the gravel vacuuming.

    The answer above was correct on the gouramis they need to have 3 to school as well as the barbs also. You might want to think about the dianos, neon's, tetra family fish and sword tails are a good choice but no more that 3 to the tank. The sword tails will breed also and are fun to have. Good luck with your tank and have fun!!

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    It's true that most barbs are too nippy for a small tank, and it's true that most barbs are schooling fish. Lucky for you, cherry barbs are unique among barbs -they are peaceful and do great in pairs.

    Dwarf gourami will do fine with them, and they're territorial fish, not schooling, but they are considered very peaceful compared to their larger cousins.

    Not only that, but if you wish you can add a trio of corydora catfish too - they are low-waste fish that will get on well with the others.

    That 1" per gallon rule doesn't mean much in real life - it doesn't take into account territorial needs, schooling needs, speed and activity of the fish, full size of the fish (picture a 10" fish in a 10 gallon tank) or how well the aquarist upkeeps the tank. Instead, pay attention to your tank, stock gradually, and use common sense.

    And of course, don't forget to research cycling your aquarium first, and whatever you do don't buy fish when you buy the tank first get the tank setup and running. Good luck.

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    No, that amount a fish would be fine. You could even get about 2 more fish of about the same size in there also. A total of 5 fish would be a good amount, as long as they are small. But keep in mind, that Cherry Barbs like anything in the Barb family are fin nipper's and are more aggressive then Dwarf Gourami's. Most of the time, Barbs are just better kept with Barbs. But you could always try, since the Gourami doesnt have any hanging finage, they may be fine together. I know I gave you more information than you asked for. But I hoped this helped. Good Luck to you and your fish!

    PS... In response to what someone that posted before me said ,Dwarf Gourami's are peaceful fish. Regular gourami's are aggressive. But dwarf's wont kill anything in your tank. I have several Dwarf Gouraimi's in a 72 gallon community tank that has several different kinds of fish, like neon tetra's, congo tetra's, red tetra's, red eye tetra's, angel fish, guppies, platies, mollies, black ghost knvies, rainbow fish, high finned banded sharks, clown loaches, and pleco's. My dwarf gourami's have been in there from the start, and the tank has been set up for a long time, they have never bothered anything.

    Source(s): I have several tanks and have been keeping fish for years. Also I work at a retail shop that deals in aquariums and fish only.
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    Cherry Barbs do basically right in communities of a minimum of 5... So I say Dwarf Gourami, a million male and a million female. Get a male and a female, by using fact if there is in straightforward terms a male, the male would be aggressive. good success ßübblëš

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    Yes, it keeps to the rule of thumb,


    Gourami are schooling fish. They need at least 2-3 of the same kind to be happy and healthy.


    They are agressive. Don't be fooled, don't listen to people who are just trying to get your money. They will kill anything else in the tank with them. Trust me!

    I love mini aquariums. Just get small fish, that get along. The barbs are a good choice. So are Zebra and Leopard Danios. Neon fish, and guppies too.

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    No, you are not exceeding the capacity for your tank. And here's my little schpiel to explain why because you seemed interested.

    Tropical fish have a higher biomass tolerance than coldwater fish such as goldfish and non-reef marine fish.

    The 1gallon per inch of fish works for fish that do not exceed 4 inches in adult growth and are tropical water fish. The sticklers are probably referring to the goldfish rule which is 10 gallons per 1 inch of juvenile and 20 gallons per total adult fish.

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    this is not large enough for the dwarf gourami.(see above link)They need a minimal of 10g and prefer to be with other gouramis.

    3-4 barbs would probably be fine though.

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    3 is good, but 4 will be a crowd. will cause stress to the fish.

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    No. This is not too many fish for the tank.

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