how do I get rid of insects?

I have these insects at my home that look like beatles they are about an inch long that can fly and are very ugly and when you step on them they are crunchy. They appear mostly during the night and fly towards a bright light. I dont know what they are and I dont have any exterminater near my area that I can call...... Please help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am an exterminator, but with the information you have given, these bugs could be almost anything. Telling me they are about inch long and can fly only narrows it down to about 1,000,000 possibilities. What colour are they? What kind of climate are you in? Do they make any kind of noise? Are the inside the house or out? These are all important questions when trying to identify an insect.

    All I can tell you to try is to get yourself an insectocutor (bug light) and zap 'em. If you need better answers, be more specific.

    Try this:

    Maybe you can find whatever insect you are talking about there, and maybe come up with a better solution.

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    Boric Acid kills everything. You can get it from the home depot or lowes it cost about 3.00. put a little sugar in the bottle and those bugs will be gone. If you have a small child in home don't use. It is also orderless. I lived in a hell hole and I had rats and roaches and ants and beetles. I used this stuff and after about a month i had no more pest. I had to clean it up once a week because the roaches would die all over the place. But it was worth it.

    After that I put it behind everything window sill, doors etc to keep them from coming back. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Probably June Bugs (Beetles) They hatch from Grubs that live in your grass and eat the roots. Once the beetles hatch they hide during the day and come out at night and are attracted to lights. The only way to prevent these is to kill the grubs. The best time is to treat your lawn in the late summer early fall with an insecticide. For now you can try those beetle traps, buy a spreader, and some insecticide and wait for late august. Good luck.

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